Hi all!

My name is Raimon Puigjaner (@RaimonPuigjaner), I am 36 years old, and I was born in Barcelona. My second place is Washington, D.C., where I have spent the last 8 years of my life. Leisure and work have brought me to hundreds of places across the 5 continents, and I am thankful for it. Meeting people, cultures and places makes me feel alive. I am married to a gorgeous, kind, brilliant and chaotic cancer immunotherapy scientist. Family and friends go first. And I am passionate about using business as a force for good.

When I finished high school, I chose to go to the university, but I wasn’t passionate about any particular subject. I studied Business Administration, and I started my professional career in marketing, working for the wellness and fashion industries in New York and Barcelona. Two years were enough. I felt void. I stopped for a while, and reflected on my motivations and concerns: the environment and the Climate Change. I continued studying (Master Degree of International Relations – International Political Economy of the Environment), and little by little started finding my way. Joined ACCIÓ – Catalonia’s Competitiveness Agency and supported the Catalan environmental sector’s innovation internationalization development from Barcelona and Washington, D.C. for 5 years. Joined the IDB – Inter-American Development Bank in its headquarters and developed and implemented an international rating and performance assessment tool for Water and Sanitation Utilities (AquaRating), a project in which I am still involved in as IDB strategic advisor. And founded my own company, Roots for Sustainability, a social business focused on inclusive business development and measuring the social impact of organizations, and country partner of B Corp in Spain.

This week I will be tweeting about anything happening in my life I feel is worth sharing. You can expect tweets about #water, #wastemanagement, #inclusivebusiness, #socialinnovation and #impactmeasurement. And some #Barça stuff too, since I am the founder and president of the F.C. Barcelona Washington, D.C. Official Fan Club!

Oscar Oliver

Good morning, Everybody!

My name is Òscar Oliver (@Oscar_life) and I was born in Barcelona 43 years ago. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share with you my tweets during a week. I will try to show interesting and exciting contents related to the air transport industry.

Since 2011 I’m in charge of the Commercial Direction of Aeroports de Catalunya, the public agency of the Government of Catalonia that directly manages two small airports, Lleida-Alguaire airport and Andorra-La Seu airport, and contributes to manage other three airports in Catalonia (Barcelona airport, Girona airport and Reus airport) collaborating with the owner and manager of them, the Spanish public agency AENA. Aeroports de Catalunya also has as a purpose to contribute to develop the air transport industry in Catalonia, working with other Catalan institutions in order to attract new companies and to develop new economic activities in this sense.

The last 5 years I had the opportunity to attend every year the World Route Development Forum representing Barcelona airport. World Routes is the main workshop in the airline industry since 1995. During four days, more than 3.000 delegates representing airlines and airports around the world discuss about new air routes and air transport services. Since 2012, I attended also Routes Asia representing Barcelona airport.

I organized and participated in a lot of business trips to different Asian countries in order to maintain high-level conversations and negotiations with airlines. The main objective of all these years has been to improve the long haul offer of Barcelona airport, specially working together with the airlines from Asia and signing agreements with them.

Finally but important, since 2014 I’m in charge of the candidacy and the organization of the World Routes 2017 in our city, Barcelona. This project is the result of a good cooperation between different Spanish and Catalan public and private institutions: the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and AENA. I invite you to know a little more about World Routes 2017 in Barcelona in the following link: http://www.routesonline.com/events/189/world-routes-2017/.

Thank you so much!

Òscar Oliver



Hi! My name is Dídac Pujol (@DidacPujol), and this week I will also be tweeting at @CatalanVoices. I have a PhD in English Philology and teach mainly literary translation from English into Catalan at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where I have been working since 1995. I have taught at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, 1992-1994) and at the Universitat de Vic (1994-1997). I am a lexicographer and a literary translator. I have translated, among others, an anthology of James Joyce’s letters (Cartes. Antologia, 2013) and the poetry volume The Haw Lantern by the 1995 Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney (La linterna del espino, 1992).

I am a member of the literary translation and reception research group TRILCAT. I am also a member of the editorial board of the poetry journal Reduccions. Revista de poesia, of the journal Anuari TRILCAT. Estudis de traducció, recepció i literatura catalana contemporània as well as a correspondent for Catalonia at the World Shakespeare Bibliography.

As many university lecturers, apart from teaching I also do research. My main research interest is literary translation from English into Catalan in the 20th century. I have studied, among others, the Catalan translations of authors like William Shakespeare, James Joyce, T.S. Eliot and Dante. Other topics I have researched are the translation of colloquial language and of phonic resources, as well as pedagogical lexicography and literature written in English. I am the author of several books, among them Across the Frontier: A Dialogic Approach to Literary Translation, Poetry, Language and Identity in Contemporary Irish and Scottish Literature (2001) and Traduir Shakespeare. Les reflexions dels traductors Catalans (2007). I have coedited the Manual de traducció anglès-català (2003) and have directed the Easy English Dictionary with a Catalan-English Vocabulary (2004). You will find more information about my publications and about my professional and personal interests on my ORCID profile as well as on my personal webpage.

I am thrilled to be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week, and I hope you enjoy my tweets!


Hi guys! I’m Oriol Sans (@oriolsans) and I mainly tweet on startups, SMEs (small and medium–sized enterprises) and their funding.

I was born in Solivella (Conca de Barberà), a county in Catalonia well known for its wines, architecture from the middle ages in places like Montblanc or the Monastery of Poblet but not that well known for being the third county with the highest percentatge of industrial GDP.

I grew up in Barcelona, I went to school in Les Corts at Col·legi Pare Manyanet (@manyanetcorts). Then I studied business at @ESADE and international business at @Thunderbird in Arizona (US).

I currently work in the funding unit at ACCIÓ, the Competitiveness Agency of Catalonia (@catalonia_TI) that has 39 trade and investment offices wordlwide. Besides fostering the internationalization and innovation of Catalan companies and promoting investments in Catalonia, we also advice startups and smes on the best funding mix to grow, innovate or internationalize. We promote alternative funding, business angels and venture capital funds while organizing events such as an Investment Forum or monthly meetings to talk about new financial instruments, best practices or sharing experiences. Here you can find my linkedin profile.

I’ve been in the board of 6 start-ups such as @Digital_Legends or @oigaa and we have invested in 49 other companies like @3scale, @dexma or @nuroa_es.  I also serve on the investment committees of venture capital funds like @inveready Seed Capital or Invernova and business angels networks like @ESADEAlumni BAN.

Lately, I’m experiencing the joy of teaching and I’m a lecturer on entrepreneurial finance at the MBA Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (@mbaURV) and teacher on finance in the diploma in Business Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona (@iedbarcelona).

I’m looking forward to share with you all my thoughs, daily life and beauty of Barcelona and Catalonia.


Stories fascinate me. Think about it: well-told, engaging stories can change things. They can shift one’s point of view, expand the limited world of one’s only experiences and, most importantly, bring together completely different audiences, with different opinions and different voices. Remember the cave paintings? Probably not, that was a long time ago. But stories are as old as that! My name is David and I love stories. I also love nachos.

Here’s a little bit about my story. I was born in 1993 in Almoster, a little township in Spain. I studied Media Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. In 2015 I was awarded the La Caixa Scholarship, which allowed me to move to the United States and start a masters filmmaking program at New York University. That’s where Woody Allen, Jim Jarmusch, Martin Scorsese or Julie Delpy learnt about filmmaking, amongst many, many others.

I am a screenwriter. Screenwriters are the people that write the recipes for movies, tv shows, or anything that happens in a screen. They come up with all the ingredients, try and fail many times, until coming up with the perfect way to bake a cake. Some cakes look like other cakes but every recipe is unique. It’s like my grandmas Coc Ràpid. No one makes it the very same way. But that’s not the point.

As a screenwriter living in New York I try to absorb every story the city has to offer. When I am not writing in a cafe in Crown Heights, my neighborhood in Brooklyn, I am in the NYU’s campus at Greenwich Village. But you can also find me Instagraming under a tree (@muraguilles), watching movies in an old theater or zoning out in a bench in Washington Square Park.

I will be your curator during this week, which means that I get to do what I like the most using the CatalanVoices feed: sharing stories!


Hi there! My name is Josep Lluís Larriba Pey (@larri64 on twitter). I am 53yo, and I live in Barcelona close to the FC Barcelona stadium with my wife and two sons.

Let me share with you the different aspects of my life that I really enjoy.

First, I am a professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and entrepreneur. I am the director of DAMA-UPC and I founded a spin out of UPC called Sparsity Technologies (@SparsityTech) which deals with the management of data modelled as a graph through our product Sparksee, a graph database. We have other different products which manage data as a graph like CIGO! (a Smart City and Mobility platform) and Qeastsearch (a word expansion Software as a Service). I work with a group of wonderful people who are really involved in the research, development and promotion of our work. I strongly believe in Technology Transfer (TT) and our group is member of CIT-UPC, the TT Center at UPC. I hope I’ll be able to tell you something about us, DAMA-UPC, CIT-UPC and UPC during the week I’ll be with you!

Second, I love my family and I follow my kids (13 and 15yo boys) in their sports. Ferran, the eldest, is an athlete at Centre Esportiu Universitari, and is now starting to compete. Ferran used to like Longboarding but he is now an athletics lover! Carles plays Rugby at Centre Esportiu Universitari and he loves this very nice, tough and honest sport. I follow them as much as I can. Marta, my wife, is a professor at UPC as well, she is into the foundations of Statistics and loves doing research and teaching!

Third, I love history, and in particular, I love Catalan history, a country that has its origins in the X century (when Count Borrell II made the independence of the County of Barcelona and other counties that he governed explicit in 987). The first use of the name Catalunya goes back to the XII century. Catalunya is a land of marine conquests, the homeland of one of the first parliaments in Europe, and a land that is always open to the newcomers, helping them to get integrated to our culture, respecting theirs. I hope to be able to convey some of the achievements of Catalunya along this close to thousand years of history.

Fourth, I love traveling!! The Blog photo tells about all this: the link between technology, traveling, my family and the fact that there are many Catalans around the world. I traveled to Chile in 2014 thanks to a grant from the Chilean Ministry of Research, and I visited the Viu Manent vineyards founded by a Catalan family close to 100 years ago.

I am very happy and honored to be the curator of @CatalanVoices during this week. I will share with you different and varied aspects of my life, work, passions and I hope to be of help and entertainment for all of you.


Hello, world! My name is Adrià Terradellas Igual (@adriterradellas) and I will be your curator during this week.

I was born in Barcelona in 1994, where I grew up along with my grandparents’ town, Bigues (Vallès Oriental). I am very curious (and a bit crazy) for as long as I can remember, something that led me to do sciences studies.

At the present time, I am a student at the University of Barcelona. This coming semester I’ve been selected to be an exchange student at the École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, in Switzerland. Here I have planned to finish my BSc in Physics.

At the beginning of last year I had the opportunity to do a research internship at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, in a very nice team (Nanoscopy for Nanomedicine group). With them I could learn about super resolution microscopy and self-assembly, as well as strengthen my interest in the boundaries of physics. Now I’m doing for them a Computer Simulation as a Final Project for my degree, studying the superselective behaviour of a self-assembled fibre in membrane cells for drug delivery.

I have particularly interest in applied physics into biological systems. The evolution of complex systems like the brain or cancer, patterns found in nature and fundamental questions catch my attention. Broadly speaking, learning is a modus vivendi.

Apart from that, I enjoy music in my free time, I like international relations and politics. I’m also considered to be cine/seriephile (a passionate of soundtracks), waiting for the very expected third season of Twin Peaks. I recommend Black Mirror as an invitation to think in the not that far future and Westworld is the new indispensable.

I think Costa Brava is an essential part of my country, where I like to spend time (no matter when). In particular, I love Cadaqués, a source of inspiration and a good place for needed calm. I hope to be there soon with Sara, my partner.

First day of classes at the @EPFL, first day as a curator at @CatalanVoices. I hope you enjoy my tweets!!