When I was studying architecture in Florence, Italy (the city where I grew up) Barcelona was a place where we were mentally going everyday. Every book, every magazine, every lecture had something to show about this city.

No surprise that when I finally visited the Catalan capital, after many others european trips, I’ve had the immediate feeling that this place was already very familiar and it could end up being home to me. And that’s what’s happened when I finished my studies. For a few years I’ve been going back and forth between Florence and Barcelona and eventually I’ve moved here, where I’m settled both personally and professionally.

As a free lance architect I now mostly work in projects of rehabilitation and public space and sometime I also participate in urban planning. Sustainability, function, technological and social awareness, respect towards cultural and urban heritage, and irony are essential points in my idea of architecture as a dynamic service rather than a mere artistic expression.

I do all these things either on my own or with some of the amazing people I’ve had the change to meet, and Barcelona is a perfect place to run my activity the way I like. Some of my projects can be seen in my web ( even if should update it more often!

I also teach in the local School of Architecture, where I’ve got my PhD, and I write papers and articles. My main field of research is the urban identity and its links with the material structure of the city. My main subject of research in the last five years has been the relation between city, tourism and architecture (above all the heritage) in Barcelona. My book “Barcelona Supermodelo” ( has won the City of Barcelona Prize in 2016.

After living in five different house in five different areas, I am now settled in the newest “barri” of all: Diagonal Mar-Fòrum. Nevertheless, my working place is in the very core of the city, in Barri Gòtic, so I can say I can have a complete experience of Barcelona in my day-by-day. In the Catalan capital I’ve also got married to a wonderful Iranian lady and I participate as much as I can in the local cultural and social life with my friends, both locals and internationals.

I thank all the extraordinary curators that @catalanvoices has had before me and I wish to be able to keep their amazing level.

My name is Alessandro Scarnato but everybody calls me “Ale”.




My name is Raimon Escapa and I love travelling by bicycle. I am now in Patagonia, but in 2013 I started a round the world trip that has taken me through more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. I have ridden about 55.000 kilometers and I plan to cross the Atlantic ocean very soon to pedal from South Africa back home to Catalonia.

I have a professional background in journalism and online communication; that’s how I economically sustain my trip (stopping now and then to work for a few months) and that’s how I document it in my personal website:

May the wind be on your back,


Pau Ruiz

Dear everyone,

My name is Pau (@pauruizguix) and I am delighted to be this week’s curator of @CatalanVoices. I am 19 and I was born in Figueres, mostly known for giving birth to one of the most exceptional artists on earth: Salvador Dalí. The region itself is no less extraordinary than the surrealist, l’Empordà combining nature, culture, history, gastronomy and wine making it a perfect tourist destination for citizens all around the world.

Following the love I feel for my land, I have been working at the Roses Tourist Board (@visitroses) welcoming visitors from all around the globe, sharing my passion for the area, its culture, history, giving pieces of advice and insights. However, and apart from its positive attributes, the region also has its difficulties. I have always been convinced that we, as organized individuals, can, and have to, bring positive change to our environment. This understanding of social change is what made me have a lot of preoccupations and ambitions, which I tried to mitigate and pursue through the construction of different initiatives: the first, the first delegation of Xarxa de Convivencia (@XdC_associacio), to ensure social cohesion and promote tolerance on the multicultural environment that defines l’Empordà and Figueres; the second, Debat Municipal (@debatmunicipal), to promote citizen engagement, participatory democracy, transparency and open government in the area.

Indeed, a different perspective of the working experience in a Tourist Board also defines my personality. It gives me the opportunity to dig into the field I want to become a professional in (the international community) by entering into contact with different cultures, languages, ways of thinking and envisioning reality. To pursue my ambitious objective of understanding how the world works, and what dynamisms determine its behaviour and evolution, I started studying Global Studies, an innovative degree (first promotion) from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. It combines history, communication, law, politics, international relations and economics in a will to give us the necessary tools to not only interpret reality, but also to be active actors of change.

Both initiatives I conducted a few years ago, as well as the studies I am pursuing, have shaped my broader dream as an individual: loving locality should not be against defending globality. I see a world in which we as humans are all united, and we have the possibility to defend our interests as a whole in participatory processes at the international level. I am truly committed to defending human rights and environmental protection in every corner of the world, fighting racism and defending multiculturality (hybridity), fighting fake news and defending the right to truthful information, fighting hate and embracing love, ensuring every voice is heard, wealth distributed and all standards of living raised. I believe in a sustainable, better future: and I believe the first path towards it is education, social consciousness and empowerment to demand (advocacy) and create (policy) better policies to regulate the globe. This is my fight. What is yours?

I am thrilled to be able to share some of my experiences, thoughts and visions of the world and l’Empordà for everyone wanting to hear them these days, as well as hearing from everybody that has something to say about it,

With love,



I am a linguist, English language consultant, trainer, teacher trainer, and founder of English Talks – a series of talks which takes place in a different country every year. I moved to Barcelona at the end of 2015 from Ireland (a half-a-year stay in Brazil in-between). My second book (Chips and Sausage: A Guide to Ireland and Her Wonders) will be published after the summer.


Twitter: @DanielZuchowsky



Hello everybody!

My name is David Delgado Vendrell (@daviddelven in social media profiles) and I’m very excited to be curator #224 of @catalanvoices for the week of July 3rd to 9th.

I was born in a wine region called Penedes, near Barcelona and I’m a 39 years old. I’m currently living in Subirats, vineyard’s capital of Catalonia. What an awesome place to live!

I am the son of an Andalusian father and a Catalan mother, an amazing couple of gastronomic and creative entrepreneurs ( Cal Matías ) , restless and highly empathic people, from whom I’ve learned all the essentials. I grew up as an only child in a countryside environment in Gelida (Penedès), providing me with a deep love for nature and local lifestyle.

I studied Architecture, which in my country has a double master’s degree: architectural design and engineering. This feature brings to our work a vast real scope, including structural and facilities knowledge, in addition to basic architectural discipline.

I create my own business in 2004, after the graduation. Since then I’ve been working successfully in DDV Arquitectura, which I dedicate passionately a high percentage of my lifetime. My company services are focused on the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling), especially with openBIM processes, implementing the value this methodology brings to new construction and refurbishment projects, in addition to B2B consultancy technological services.

I love human communication, whether analogue or digital, which I continually enhance its development, especially the second one. I’m obsessed about technological progress and I am in love with proactive people. Thus, I share my local lifestyle with a cosmopolitan concern, which I find both offline and online, in my country or abroad.

My usual activity in my professional environment flows as a proactive member of Catalonia’s BIM Users Group (GuBIMCat) and buildingSMART Spanish Chapter (BSSCh) and its representative on buildingSMART International User Group (IUG) , where building open standards become its main discussion focus. As a result of these intensive tasks, I collaborate with initiatives such as “Comissió Construïm el Futur” (CCF) sponsored by ITeC and the Commission of the Spanish National BIM Strategy (es.BIM), in Catalonia and Spain scopes, respectively. I am also involved as board member of FEGP (Gran Penedès Business Federation) where I share knowledge with other local entrepreneurs, rewardingly far from my own discipline.

My insatiable curiosity, the passion for my job, my networking and communication skills become my best values to keep developing my career in AECOO industry, and as a result returning this value to this society that has allowed me to develop myself as a person, and that I would like you to discover.


Dear all,

My name is Martí Jiménez Mausbach (@MartiJim7) and I am delighted to be this week’s curator of @CatalanVoices (from Monday June 26 to Sunday July 2). I am 21 years old and live in Vilassar de Mar, a beautiful seaside town to the north of Barcelona. I hope you will enjoy this summer virtual journey and am looking forward to sharing it with you all!

I have just finished my third year of Biomedical Sciences studies at the University of Barcelona. This career tries to provide a deep understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of disease and the tools available for diagnosis and treatment. In the near future, I am ready to push intellectual boundaries and embark myself in biomedical research. I have carried out several internships in Peptide Chemistry, Brain Drug Delivery and Chromatin Biology at the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB), Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and the biotech company Active Motif in California. This summer I am staying at the Gene Function and Evolution Lab at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG).

On the other hand, I am thrilling to be involved in all the steps of the innovation value chain, bridging the gap between Science and the Market. This is why I cofounded TEI Bio Barcelona (Technology, Entrepreneurship and Investment in Life Sciences) and SciBEM. We aim to create an active community which fosters Mentoring, Networking and Coworking in the Catalan biotech ecosystem arising. Last February we held the IV Congress of Science Entrepreneurs in Barcelona, with more than 300 attendees. Finally, I am actively involved in Magma Recerca, a nonprofit initiative which organizes the international Science Exhibition Exporecerca Jove. Its main goal is to promote the passion and pleasure of research among the youth and the exchange of experiences with other national or foreigner organizations. I am the Head of Communication and International Relations.

I speak English, German, Spanish and Catalan and decided to invest long-term by learning Mandarin Chinese. My multilingual/multicultural background gives me an open-minded view of the world. This will for sure help me face future challenges successfully.

Beside my academic and professional background, my personal interests are diverse. I love playing tennis, reading, travelling, listening to indie music and enjoying good food with good company. When I get to make room in my crazy hectic schedule, I also like to put my thoughts in order and spend time to write. You can find a selection of my articles at a groundbreaking editorial project called L’Endavant. Irony and sarcasm are definitely some of the best inventions of humankind.

Last but not least, I am cofounder and vice president of Catalans Lliures, a newly created liberal think tank advocating for limited government, free markets and the protection of civil rights in an independent Catalan state.

As a curator of Catalan Voices I will be tweeting about my passions: biomedicine, innovation, entrepreneurship, economy and policy (not politics), as well as my daily life. There are also a few surprises left…

I’m looking forward to sharing with you my views and experiences!

Stay in touch!


Dear all,

My name is Xavier Abad Morejón de Girón (Twitter: @XavierAbadMdG; Instagram: and I will be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week (from Monday June 19 to Sunday June 25). Indeed, it’s a pleasure to participate on Catalan Voices.

I was born more than 50 years ago in the town of Barcelona, in the downtown, back de City Hall building, and this half a century only has moved my foot one kilometre away, to the Poble Sec neighbourhood.

I am Laboratory Manager and Biosafety Officer in a High Biosafety Level facility, CReSA (, Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal, from IRTA, Institut de Recerca i Tecnologies Agroalimentàries. So, I have to take care of the facility, our bad bugs (the pathogens) and the good bugs (ourselves). Obviously, my academic background is in Biology (PhD degree on environmental virus persistence at Universitat de Barcelona, 1994) and specifically in Microbiology and more in deep in virology. I also did a Post-Graduate in Quality at Laboratories (Les Heures, Universitat de Barcelona) and few years ago a Master in Leadership in Science and Innovation (by the Barcelona School of Management & Universitat Pompeu Fabra). My research interests concentrate on persistence of animal and human viruses in the environment, with particular attention to water, fomites and foods, and the inactivation and removal procedures for assuring the viral safety of blood derivatives, cosmetics and foods, and, also, how to render samples or materials non-infectious previously its exit from a biocontainment unit. Biocontainment and biosafety issues in microbiological research laboratories, among others, and the relationship of such issues with quality tools and frames are also focus of my interest. Although right now I’m not producing a lot of scientific papers some time ago I used to do it (see Research Gate

Beside my professional background, my personal interests are diverse…and quite disperse. I love reading, but it’s quite difficult to get the time for it. I also love drawing, listening music, travelling, bird watching, cinema, to enjoy good meals and tasting wines and bears with friends, my partner…or alone. In fact, I’m deeply expert in go inside my “nothing box” for a while. And I also love to communicate to open public virology, public health and biosafety issues (in Catalan, Spanish and English) through CReSA & the city blog (

As a curator of Catalan Voices I will be tweeting about my passions: virology, biosafety, biosecurity, and Catalan politics, and my daily life in Barcelona. You can also visit my blog (but it is exclusively in Catalan language) where such stuffs are discussed more in deep in plain words:

I hope you have a good week!!