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My name is Maria Dolors Ruiz. I am family physician, acupuncturist and e-Health consultant. I work at a primary healthcare centre located in Terrassa and I have a private medical office where I practice acupuncture.

I firmly believe that technology is one of the keys to improve our healthcare systems, so I studied a master degree on telemedicine and I have worked in several projects around it.

I love swimming and I swim for @MastersCNS.

My Twitter account is @DraDRuiz . You can also find me on Instagram.

During this week as @catalanvoices curator I will tweet about #primaryhealthcare, #telemedicine, #acupuncture, #swimming and so on. I’d like to share with you about my interests and how is my daily life like a doctor in Catalunya.

See you all on @CatalanVoices!


Hello there! I’m Alba Cros (@alba_cros) and I’m a filmmaker and a photographer. I like all that involves creativity, images and visual experiences. That means that I can be ‘catching the light’ of the afternoon getting into my room with an analogue photo camera, converting it into a GIF with my computer and integrating it afterwards in a music video.

I studied Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and I finished my degree co-directing a film with Laura Rius (@laurerius), Laia Alabart (@laia_alabart ) and Marta Verheyen (@MartaVerheyen). The four of us made Les amigues de l’Àgata (@AmiguesAgata). A film that thanks to the effort and interest of Lastor Media (@lastormedia) and Avalon (@Avaloncine) had its premiere in theatre cinemas this last June. It’s been a surprise and a great experience. We’ve been sharing our work with people from all over the world. So this is one of the best gifs we could ever have had.

Since I left my little village Puigverd de Lleida at the age of 18, I’ve been doing a lot of different things. I’ve made music videos for local bands like Renaldo & Clara, Els llums de Colors, LAS VVITCH or Matrimonio. All of them really good friends of mine. I also took photos of people like Javiera Mena or Hug Vilamala and music bands like Doble Pletina and LAS VVITCH.

When I finished university I started to work in a young and powerful company called Homuork (@homuork). I’ve been there for three years now and I’ve lived the experience of seeing a start-up grow up and became a proper company. My job there is to apply all my knowledge of video, design and digital experiences to online education based on the MOOCs. One of the works that I’m more proud of is the course on Gender equality in the workplace, for exemple.

Nowadays I combine all kind of works and projects. One of the last ones, for example, is a collective film in honor to our loved filmmaker Chantal Akerman. You can watch it online in Filmin ( Everyday I’m more and more conscious of the levels of diversity our society still has to achieve, so I’m focusing more into this issues and studies, because I would like to make them visible in my future films and projects.

So this week on @catalanvoices you can expect tweets on cinema, creativity, photography and my daily life through video and images. All of them with my purple glasses of feminism on hoping to share them with all of you!


Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.



Hello everyone,

I’m Lorena (@lorenadf_) from Chile and I’m a Designer from Diseño UC @DISENO_UC. I did my master degree at ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering @MUDiC_Elisava, and now I’m currently on my first year of PHD at Universitat Pompeu Fabra @univpompeufabra, at the Communication department @DeptCom_UPF.

I’ve been living in Barcelona with my husband, for about four years and I’ve enjoyed every part of it. I love Catalan food (I’m a fuet addict), the sunny (always blue sky) weather and beaches around. It’s a city full of life and packed of things to do (this week: Barcelona design week @BcnDesignWeek). It’s impossible not to fall in love with this city while you walk through it’s streets and contemplate the stunning buildings and design atmosphere. Barcelona exists also on the details; I hope I have the chance to show you some.

As a Designer I like typography, editorial design and brand design. Now for my PHD I’m researching on city branding and their logos. I guess you can say I’m a city logo obsessed. I’ve been collecting logos from all around the world for my research and I have to say: also for pleasure. So additions to the collection are welcome.

Hope you like this week’s topics, also that we can engage on some design conversation and finally I have to say I’m really happy for having the opportunity to be part of this great project @catalanvoices THANK YOU very much.

So… now, follow me, and design you’ll see.




Hi! I am Ruth Contreras Espinosa (@ruthsofhia), Game Designer, Researcher and Professor. I will be your curator for the next week @catalanvoices.

I was born in Guadalajara, México, where I studied Graphic Design at The University of Guadalajara. In 2001, I came to Barcelona to study for a Masters Degree in Multimedia Technologies at La Salle University. Afterwards I decided to stay in Catalonia to live!

I have worked in Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) as a professor and as a Multimedia Designer in the Multimedia Lab (UPC) in 2004.

I currently work at University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia as a professor and researcher. It has led me to work with many different projects. One of this is a collection of 6 educational games for elementary students called “Personatges en Joc” that shows historic characters from Catalonia. I am also CEO of Digital Work Force S.L. working for institutions such as Generalitat de Catalunya, Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria (semFYC), and companies like Almirall, GlaxoSmithKline, STADA, among others.

I am interested in everything related to games (serious games, game design, game development, game studies, etc.) and this is the reason that I founded the Observatory of Communication, Video Games and Entertainment (OCVE), building on ongoing work of professors at the Institut de la Comunicació de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and professors at University of Vic – University Central of Catalonia. Now, It is currently an open group with participation from members of other institutions and universities and sometimes, members of companies from the game sector. Join us!

I am a blogger ( and sometimes writer (Editorial UOC). Vice president of the “Red de Talentos Mexicanos” (RTM) a Network of Mexican Professionals in Barcelona, Spain.

I will try to share with you my life, thoughts and projects. This week we will be talking about GAMES! Sometimes from Barcelona or from Cuenca, Ecuador (…in another castle!), where I will be giving a course in Game Design at University of Azuay. I will tweet about it!




Laura_final_estiuMy name is Laura Borràs (Find me on Twitter @LauraBorras) and I will be your curator of @Catalanvoices from Monday September 7 to Sunday September 13.

Since 2013 I’ve been the director of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (Institute of Catalan letters), an entity of the Government of Catalonia founded back in 1937 which has as a mission promoting and ensuring the continuity, improvement and expansion of the Catalan literature and acting as an advisory body of the Catalan Ministry of Culture in matters related to literature.

Besides that, I have been teaching Literary Theory, Comparative Literature and Electronic Literature at the University of Barcelona since 1995. I am also a member of the International Advisory Board of the Electronic Literature Organization. I am the Director of the Hermeneia Research Group, devoted to the study of Literary Studies and Digital Technologies since 1999 and the Master Program “Literature in the Digital Era” at the UB as well. I have been Visiting Professor at the Kingston University in London and coordinator for the UB of the International Comparative Literature Program, Master Mundus: Interzones.

This week will be quite interesting here in Catalonia as there’s a huge political demonstration expected next Friday in Barcelona on our National Day. It will be known as the “Via Lliure to the Republic of Catalonia” and it surely will be great. I will tweet about that among other things. I hope you enjoy it!

Foto blog Berta PerezHi everyone!
My Name is Berta Pérez (@bperezpey) and I am from Barcelona.

I studied Chemistry at the University of Barcelona and then decided to pursue my studies at the Friedrich-Alexander Unversität Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany, where I finally stayed for 5 years. During that time, I succeeded in achieving a personal goal: to write and defend my Ph.D. thesis on Polymer Chemistry in German. After this amazing experience in Erlangen I came back to Barcelona to put down roots and start a family here. I have now two wonderful kids.

I am currently Head of the European Projects Office at the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, thus I am responsible for the coordination and implementation of International projects co-financed by the European Commission. From my job I really enjoy the possibility of traveling to new places, meet and collaborate with people from different countries and cultures. There’s always something new to learn!

On a personal level, I love to spend my free time near the sea, especially at the Costa Brava. On the weekends I rush to Sant Antoni de Calonge, where I meet my childhood friends and spend most of the time on the beach. It’s also a perfect place to gather at family celebrations with our traditional paella on Sundays, following the recipe from my grandmother from Alacant.

So this week at @Catalanvoices I will speak mostly about Mediterranean, European and International cooperation projects, funding opportunities for SMEs and Innovation. But I will also post some pictures of places that might capture my attention.

Finally, I must admit that I’m very excited to be curator at @Catalanvoices and I hope you will enjoy coming along with me during this week!

GilPlaHey there!

My name is Gil Pla (aka @gildevic in Twitter and Tech environments), I’m from Vic (Barcelona, CAT) and I’ll be the #114th curator of @CatalanVoices project.

Let me introduce myself. I studied Sports Sciences BA and after that I got a MA in Child Psychomotor Development. That opened me the doors of the university where I got the PH.D. in Education. So my research & lecturing topics are: teacher training, physical education and child motor development. You can see my professional outcomes here. Currently I’m lecturer at University of Vic (Barcelona, CAT).

Apart from Vic, I rooted in Alt Empordà, with its strong-northern wind so called “tramuntana”, and Germany. This second root started in Alt Empordà knowing German people but was boosted in 2013 when I did a long research stay in the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz (Rheinland-Pfalz, GER) with my wife and my two daughters. After that period I’m often in Germany for academically activities. In fact, during the whole week I’ll be tweeting from Europa-Universität Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein, GER) because I’m granted for the Catalan Government to research abroad in MIF program (@ProgramaMIF) which intends to improve the Catalan educational system.

But that’s not only me, because as the German people says: “du bist nicht dein Job” (“you are not your job”)! I am a former rugby player and I think that’s one of the prettiest things of ever done. Playing rugby I learnt about live, about friendship and about me. I also love wine and of course (as a rugbyman and a Germany-lover) beer. I love my family and try to taste and feel every little moment of my life.

And that’s all folks! If you are interested in Education, Teaching, Sports or even Technology: I’m your “curator man”! I’ll tweet about these topics and I hope you enjoy this week. Don’t hesitate to ask, to discuss or even share if you like my tweets.