Welcome to @CatalanVoices where you can discover our small country by meeting its great people!

This project wants to foster debate and raise international awareness about Catalonia by giving voice to the people and friends of Catalonia all over the world and by showing the diversity of thought that exists in our country.

Every week a Catalan or an expat living or who has lived in Catalonia will tweet from the @CatalanVoices account. These people will give you an insight into their lives and tell you what Catalonia is like. Which places you should visit or what they recommend you to do in Catalonia. Occasionally, they may share their thoughts about the current democratic political process concerning Catalonia’s political status in Europe and Spain.

By meeting a new Curator of the account every week you will discover stories from many new and interesting people. At the same time we will raise awareness about Catalonia, the country whose capital is Barcelona and which is linked to talented people such as the painters Dalí and Miró, the musician Pau Casals, the businessman Facund Bacardí, the Jewish medieval philosopher Nahmanides or the architect Antoni Gaudí.

The Curators will tweet mainly in English to reach a global audience using an instrument which is at the same time a global network and a tool for citizen participation.

Would you like to take part in the project? Please read the four basic requirements hereunder:

1. You already have a Twitter account.

2. You are confident enough to tweet in English as your main language. You can reply to followers individually in any other language you might know.

3. You live or have lived in Catalonia (regardless of your nationality or citizenship).

4. You like engaging in digital dialogue and have something interesting to say about Catalonia and the Catalan way of life, something you would like to share with the whole world.



This project is inspired by the @Sweden account which is managed jointly by the Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden as well as the @Scotvoices project which is managed by The National Collective association.



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