Curator #241: Ferran Casamitjana

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Hi there! My name is Ferran H. Casamitjana (@FHCasamitjana on Twitter). I was born in Tarragona (1 hour by train from Barcelona, and a very beautiful ancient town built by the times of the Roman Empire). I have been living in Poland 4 years, the last 3 of them in Warsaw, the capital. Living in Poland is quite different from Catalonia I would say: from sunny days 24/7 to a complete lack of sun for at least 6 months! But I survived! Despite the gray days, the country is really beautiful and has lots of history to explain (it really deserves a visit), moreover the people are very open to welcome someone who wants to get integrated to their society, learn their language and participate to their rich culture – mix of Central and Eastern Europe.

I am a lawyer, but studied a Master on International Relations. I like practicing Martial Arts, going to the gym – more recently I started jogging, love reading books and when I have free time I write about Geopolitics; my main focus of interest are the frozen conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. I have been an active member of the Catalan Community of Warsaw, and still travel there occasionally when the University asks me to give lectures about the current situation in Catalonia. The picture you can see is from a trip to Armenia and Georgia, I love traveling around the world.


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