Curator #239: Gerard Mayol


Hello everybody

My name is Gerard Mayol (@gmayol85) and I’m very proud to be this week’s curator. Catalan Voices is a great initiative and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to be one more of the voices of this extraordinary, diverse, plural and crazy land called Catalonia.  I will be tweeting on different subjects and aspects of my day by day life namely politics, society, urban life, education, music and sport, I hope you will enjoy it as much as me!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I’m 32 and I was born and raised in Barcelona. I have been living in this wonderful city for 29 years and just moved out 3 years ago. I consider myself a happy person, quite diplomatic, but self-determinated when defending my convictions. I love travelling and sport and I’m very interested in politics, which is the only way humans can solve their problems without violence. I live now in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a 90.000 inhabitants lovely city just 15 km away from Barcelona. I work in Barcelona, so yes I’m a commuter and this will be an important aspect which I will be tweeting about during this week.

I have studied political science and specialized in International Relations in the Autonomous Barcelona’s University (UAB). I finished my studies in 2007 and I decided to go to Australia to have a spare year, meet new people and enjoy playing rugby, one of my biggest passions. This was a major step in my life, I had many small jobs (laborer, gardener, house removals etc.), met great people, learnt English and learnt to love my country, even more.

Once back, I specialized on European funded projects for cities and I started to work for the Sabadell City Council, a 210.000 inhabitants municipality in the north west of Barcelona. I worked 8 years there and had the opportunity to develop myself professionally: I raised various European projects related to local economic development, entrepreneurship support and urban sustainable development and I learnt how to manage them. I currently work in the International Relations office of the Barcelona’s provincial government, an entity which supports economic and technically 311 municipalities in Barcelona area. My job is to support these municipalities to raise European projects and to help them to connect their local policies with the goals set up by the Urban Global Agendas (Habitat III, EU urban agenda).

Beyond my professional life, I play rugby since I was 6, my dad introduced me to this sport and I have never stopped playing since then. Rugby has given me self-control, discipline, some fitness, team-work sense and above all, lots of friends. I play now for my home town, Sant Cugat in the second Spanish division, I also played in Australia and in some other teams in Spanish top division.

I wouldn’t like to finish without mentioning other important things! I love sailing and kiting and since some years ago I have been introduced to classical music thanks to my lovely wife which is a professional violinist. I will be tweeting about all that as well!


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