Curator #237: Elisenda Lamana


Hello there!

My name is Elisenda Lamana (@ElisendaLG) and I am thrilled to be this week’s curator of this inspiring project, Catalan Voices. It will be an exciting and exceptional week that will start in Barcelona, the day after the Catalan referendum, will continue in London and will end up in Copenhagen, a city I will visit for the first time and that I am looking forward to discover together with you!

But let me first introduce myself. I am 31 years old and I am currently living in London, where I have just finished my master’s degree at the European Institute (London School of Economics). Originally, I am from Matadepera, a beautiful small village located in a privileged area, near the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt and less than an hour far from Barcelona.

I consider myself an eclectic person, who feels comfortable learning different disciplines; that is why I have quite a particular interdisciplinary career. I graduated in Economics from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) in 2011, but I also took studies in Communication and Humanities. Since my graduation, I have worked mainly as a project manager of private and EU-funded R&D projects in different companies, but also as a financial analyst and economic researcher.

In 2016, I decided to come back to school and purse one of my dreams, which was studying a master’s degree abroad. I chose Political Economy of Europe at the LSE because I am passionate about the history of EU integration, the evolution of the EU institutions and the analysis of public policies related to the EU and its member states. I have to say that studying these topics in London while the United Kingdom initiated its road to exit the EU has been as exciting as ironic. However, despite this challenging context, I fell in love with this city and its cultural and economic dynamism, so that is why I decided to remain here after my master’s ended.

I am also keen to actively participate in public life and public debates. Since my graduation, I have been collaborating with different digital platforms and magazines, such as Qué Aprendemos Hoy, Revista Mirall and Beerderberg, writing informative articles on Economics and European integration. In 2015, I also launched my own project, Focus Europa (@focus_europa), a bilingual blog that concentrates in the political and economic analysis of EU issues, including analytical articles, essays and interviews. Besides, I am the President of Catalans Lliures (@Cat_Lliures), a Barcelona-based independent think tank built on the principles of pluralism, the exercise of tolerance, the defence of civil rights and fundamental liberties and the promotion of inclusive governance, open societies and the free market economy. Our main goal is to enhance public policy through building coalitions with the academia, policy makers and citizens and promote a more open, plural and tolerant society.

Last, but not least, I am a passionate foodie and a convinced epicure!

At @CatalanVoices I will be tweeting about my travels, my passions and my interests, hoping to build interesting and constructive dialogues on topical subjects.

That said, I am looking forward to sharing this unique experience with you all!


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