Curator #235: Núria Gurina

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Hey there!

My name’s Núria Gurina (@nuriagurina) and I’m chuffed to be this week’s curator at @CatalanVoices (from Monday September 18 to Sunday September 24).

I was born and raised in Barcelona, more specifically in a district called Sants, located on the south-western edge of the city and mostly known for still keeping the vibe of a little village in the metropolis and being a powerhouse of social movements.

My curiosity to explore the world brought me to Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, but after a while abroad I came back home to fight my own battles. So here I am again, working and living in my native Barcelona where I combine the two activities which drive my life: contemporary art and community activism.

As a contemporary art professional, I work as a writer, curator and mediator developing projects which involve participation and activate empowerment. I regard the visual arts field as a space of freedom to rethink our current sociopolitical environment and as a great opportunity for reflection, debate, transformation and change. It won’t be difficult for you to spot me at one of the many exhibition openings which take place in Barcelona, or leading groups to visit artists’ studios and galleries. You can also follow my art essays at, where I try to put my thoughts in order, as well as on other digital and print media I collaborate with.

At @CatalanVoices I will be tweeting about my everyday life and work, so wherever I go and whatever I do you’ll be the first to know. I’m hoping that after my week’s curation I’ll have given you an insight into what’s brewing in the Barcelona’s art world and which social initiatives are currently blossoming in the neighbourhood I live in.

See you around!



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