Curator #232: Hadar Ayxandri



My name is Hadar Ayxandri Sintorres (@hadarayxandri on Twitter), I am 36 and I am from Amposta, a city located in the southern region of Catalonia called Terres de l’Ebre.


I studied Pedagogy and then I focused on Public Law and Local Management. So my main professional background is as an Eduation and youth Policies manager although I got involved in International Trade in many business since I came back from in the USA where I was living a couple of years.


I am currently Coordinator of Villa Retiro Cooking School in Xerta, close to my hometown, boosted by the acknowledged chef Fran López, which owns 2 Michelin Stars in his two restaurants, so I will tweet about it because I love all the great work they are doing inside and outside the kitchen.


Beyond my professional issues, I am Catalan National Assembly volunteer and I have been elected twice as a National Secretary joining the International Board in order to help to spread and explain around the world the Catalan self-determination process, which is about to conclude in a binding independence referndum on october 1st. My bet? I will tweet about it as well …


I’ll be tweeting about terrorism unfortunately after Barcelona and Cambrils attacks, but I will also tweet about nature (my homeland Ebre river Delta is so gorgeous), food, motorcycles, politics, europe and global issues and some personal stuff.


It is a pleasure to be the curator of @catalanvoices for this week (aug28- sep3) contributing with my grain of sand to this amazing and diverse profile which gives you every week a different point of view about/from Catalonia.


See you on Twitter!


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