Curator #230: Manel Subirats


My name is Manel Subirats (@msubirats in social media profiles)  and I am very excited to announced that I will be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week (from Monday 14th August to Sunday 20th August). Indeed, it’s a pleasure to participate on Catalan Voices.

I am a professional freelance photographer and an editor. I am also part of the @descobreixcatalunya community on Instagram that shares a collection of both amateur and professional photography of Catalonia. My relation with Instagram is similar of an old promised. From the beginning Instagram has occupied a place on my cell phone, but little by little the passion that unites me to it has been growing.

Beside my professional background, my personal interests are diverse, like travel, social media and obviously make videos and taking pictures of landscapes and cities around of the world and then post articles and photos of these travels in my media profiles.

As a curator of Catalan Voices I will be tweeting about my passions: Catalonia, social media, photography and travels, as well as my daily life. You can also visit my blog to know more of me.


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