Curator #229: Antònia Folguera


Hi, I’m Antònia Folguera and I’m thrilled to be this week’s @catalanvoices curator.

I’m from a small village called Rosselló, 9 kilometers away from Lleida, where I was born, a city in the far west of Catalonia. I live and work in Barcelona though, and I consider myself a citizen of the internet, where you will find me in many platforms (twitter included) under the @bzzzbip name.

I have various jobs because I like to keep things interesting, but most of the time I work at Sónar+D, Sónar festival’s creative technologies conference, where I’m one of the curators and part of the communication team.

I also collaborate with @ovalsound and @reactable, two amazing music technology companies from Barcelona and the music label @disboot. I co-organize Dorkbot Barcelona, the community of “people doing strange things with electricity”, and I have a kind of irregular radio show at Frission Radio based on the female:pressure network, a community of women in electronic music (djs, producers…) and digital arts (visualists, coders, makers…)

I’m a music nerd and I’ve been called many times “a human or a living karaoke” so it’s very likely that I share a lot of music, mostly electronic though from time to time I may have a Sinatra moment.

I’m possibly the worst dj in the world, but that doesn’t stop people from inviting me to play music in diverse festivals and events. My speciality are abandoned factories, gardens, churches, occupied convents and other unusual places, I try to play music that fits the space, the time and the mood and that challenges people’s ears.

You can listen to some of my mixes in my Mixcloud and Soundcloud accounts and browse what i buy at Bandcamp (my favorite place for music discovery)

Beware: during my CatalanVoices curation period I’m on holidays at my village, so along with music there might be many pictures of cats, rural landscapes and some occasional tractor (I love tractors). I love computers too, so tweets about digital culture, code, programming languages, algorave, software and computational randomness might be frequent too.


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