Curator #228: Alessandro Scarnato


When I was studying architecture in Florence, Italy (the city where I grew up) Barcelona was a place where we were mentally going everyday. Every book, every magazine, every lecture had something to show about this city.

No surprise that when I finally visited the Catalan capital, after many others european trips, I’ve had the immediate feeling that this place was already very familiar and it could end up being home to me. And that’s what’s happened when I finished my studies. For a few years I’ve been going back and forth between Florence and Barcelona and eventually I’ve moved here, where I’m settled both personally and professionally.

As a free lance architect I now mostly work in projects of rehabilitation and public space and sometime I also participate in urban planning. Sustainability, function, technological and social awareness, respect towards cultural and urban heritage, and irony are essential points in my idea of architecture as a dynamic service rather than a mere artistic expression.

I do all these things either on my own or with some of the amazing people I’ve had the change to meet, and Barcelona is a perfect place to run my activity the way I like. Some of my projects can be seen in my web ( even if should update it more often!

I also teach in the local School of Architecture, where I’ve got my PhD, and I write papers and articles. My main field of research is the urban identity and its links with the material structure of the city. My main subject of research in the last five years has been the relation between city, tourism and architecture (above all the heritage) in Barcelona. My book “Barcelona Supermodelo” ( has won the City of Barcelona Prize in 2016.

After living in five different house in five different areas, I am now settled in the newest “barri” of all: Diagonal Mar-Fòrum. Nevertheless, my working place is in the very core of the city, in Barri Gòtic, so I can say I can have a complete experience of Barcelona in my day-by-day. In the Catalan capital I’ve also got married to a wonderful Iranian lady and I participate as much as I can in the local cultural and social life with my friends, both locals and internationals.

I thank all the extraordinary curators that @catalanvoices has had before me and I wish to be able to keep their amazing level.

My name is Alessandro Scarnato but everybody calls me “Ale”.


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