Curator #226: Pau Ruiz

Pau Ruiz

Dear everyone,

My name is Pau (@pauruizguix) and I am delighted to be this week’s curator of @CatalanVoices. I am 19 and I was born in Figueres, mostly known for giving birth to one of the most exceptional artists on earth: Salvador Dalí. The region itself is no less extraordinary than the surrealist, l’Empordà combining nature, culture, history, gastronomy and wine making it a perfect tourist destination for citizens all around the world.

Following the love I feel for my land, I have been working at the Roses Tourist Board (@visitroses) welcoming visitors from all around the globe, sharing my passion for the area, its culture, history, giving pieces of advice and insights. However, and apart from its positive attributes, the region also has its difficulties. I have always been convinced that we, as organized individuals, can, and have to, bring positive change to our environment. This understanding of social change is what made me have a lot of preoccupations and ambitions, which I tried to mitigate and pursue through the construction of different initiatives: the first, the first delegation of Xarxa de Convivencia (@XdC_associacio), to ensure social cohesion and promote tolerance on the multicultural environment that defines l’Empordà and Figueres; the second, Debat Municipal (@debatmunicipal), to promote citizen engagement, participatory democracy, transparency and open government in the area.

Indeed, a different perspective of the working experience in a Tourist Board also defines my personality. It gives me the opportunity to dig into the field I want to become a professional in (the international community) by entering into contact with different cultures, languages, ways of thinking and envisioning reality. To pursue my ambitious objective of understanding how the world works, and what dynamisms determine its behaviour and evolution, I started studying Global Studies, an innovative degree (first promotion) from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. It combines history, communication, law, politics, international relations and economics in a will to give us the necessary tools to not only interpret reality, but also to be active actors of change.

Both initiatives I conducted a few years ago, as well as the studies I am pursuing, have shaped my broader dream as an individual: loving locality should not be against defending globality. I see a world in which we as humans are all united, and we have the possibility to defend our interests as a whole in participatory processes at the international level. I am truly committed to defending human rights and environmental protection in every corner of the world, fighting racism and defending multiculturality (hybridity), fighting fake news and defending the right to truthful information, fighting hate and embracing love, ensuring every voice is heard, wealth distributed and all standards of living raised. I believe in a sustainable, better future: and I believe the first path towards it is education, social consciousness and empowerment to demand (advocacy) and create (policy) better policies to regulate the globe. This is my fight. What is yours?

I am thrilled to be able to share some of my experiences, thoughts and visions of the world and l’Empordà for everyone wanting to hear them these days, as well as hearing from everybody that has something to say about it,

With love,



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