Curator #223: Martí Jiménez


Dear all,

My name is Martí Jiménez Mausbach (@MartiJim7) and I am delighted to be this week’s curator of @CatalanVoices (from Monday June 26 to Sunday July 2). I am 21 years old and live in Vilassar de Mar, a beautiful seaside town to the north of Barcelona. I hope you will enjoy this summer virtual journey and am looking forward to sharing it with you all!

I have just finished my third year of Biomedical Sciences studies at the University of Barcelona. This career tries to provide a deep understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of disease and the tools available for diagnosis and treatment. In the near future, I am ready to push intellectual boundaries and embark myself in biomedical research. I have carried out several internships in Peptide Chemistry, Brain Drug Delivery and Chromatin Biology at the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB), Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and the biotech company Active Motif in California. This summer I am staying at the Gene Function and Evolution Lab at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG).

On the other hand, I am thrilling to be involved in all the steps of the innovation value chain, bridging the gap between Science and the Market. This is why I cofounded TEI Bio Barcelona (Technology, Entrepreneurship and Investment in Life Sciences) and SciBEM. We aim to create an active community which fosters Mentoring, Networking and Coworking in the Catalan biotech ecosystem arising. Last February we held the IV Congress of Science Entrepreneurs in Barcelona, with more than 300 attendees. Finally, I am actively involved in Magma Recerca, a nonprofit initiative which organizes the international Science Exhibition Exporecerca Jove. Its main goal is to promote the passion and pleasure of research among the youth and the exchange of experiences with other national or foreigner organizations. I am the Head of Communication and International Relations.

I speak English, German, Spanish and Catalan and decided to invest long-term by learning Mandarin Chinese. My multilingual/multicultural background gives me an open-minded view of the world. This will for sure help me face future challenges successfully.

Beside my academic and professional background, my personal interests are diverse. I love playing tennis, reading, travelling, listening to indie music and enjoying good food with good company. When I get to make room in my crazy hectic schedule, I also like to put my thoughts in order and spend time to write. You can find a selection of my articles at a groundbreaking editorial project called L’Endavant. Irony and sarcasm are definitely some of the best inventions of humankind.

Last but not least, I am cofounder and vice president of Catalans Lliures, a newly created liberal think tank advocating for limited government, free markets and the protection of civil rights in an independent Catalan state.

As a curator of Catalan Voices I will be tweeting about my passions: biomedicine, innovation, entrepreneurship, economy and policy (not politics), as well as my daily life. There are also a few surprises left…

I’m looking forward to sharing with you my views and experiences!

Stay in touch!


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