Curator #221: Ignasi Centelles

Ignasi Centelles

Hello everyone / Bonjour / Dag / Hola / Bo dia!

I’ve heard of the pioneering swedish expirence of weekly curation (@Sweden ) and I was thrilled with the possibility of  contributing at Catalan Voices when it came up. (Yes, I’m Catalan, not Swedish so I knew my chances to curate for @sweden where very limited). It took a while but it seems it is now my turn to share thoughts, opinions and views with you. For a week, I’ll do it at @CatalanVoices instead of at @ignasics.

For you to have an idea of who I am, note that I am currently living between 3 cities, Brussels (for work, I am the coordinator of the think tank Centre Maurits Coppieters), Santiago de Compostela (for love) and Barcelona (because it is the coolest city worldwide) so my life is mostly about logistics these days.

I plan to tweet a bit about European & international affairs, art, activism, and about Barcelona & Catalonia. I guess I will also tweet on Sonar 2017 (my favorite Barcelona music festival, taking place as we speak) since I’m planning to attend, yuhu!

I hope you find my week entertaining and help me spread the word with a few RT !




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