Curator #219: Isaac Zamora


Hello everyone! I’m Isaac Zamora i Sitjà, I’ve been asked to be your “Catalan Voice” for one week.

I’m a graphic designer/illustrator and I work for a small Japanese company in Kawasaki, Japan.

I’m BA ( Hons ) in Graphic Design by the University of Central Lancashire, and BA ( Hons ) in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona.

My Internet nickname is “Tobuushi”, Tobuushi means “Flying Cow ” in Japanese.

When I was little I used to ask my parents to buy me a new bike; I was quite annoying. My mum used to say: “you’re going to get a new bike when cows fly.” For me, seeing flying cows meant seeing my dreams come true.

Now I live in Japan, a lot of my dreams did eventually come true, even a new bike.

I’m married to a very kind and beautiful woman, and I have two lovely kids. But I still have many more dreams, many more “flying cows”.

For me, the best way to make dreams come true is to use our imagination. This is what my work is all about, using imagination to create works that make dreams come true.

During this week, I’ll try to show you all my vision of Japan as a Catalan living in this amazing country for almost 13 years. ( my personal blog in Catalan ) ( my online portfolio )


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