Curator #215: Joan López Graupera


Hi world!

My name is Joan López i Graupera (@jlgraupera) and I’ve just turned 50 last week so I have already lived half a century and I am looking forward to the next half and beyond!

I was born in Mataró, Barcelona, and after studying Telecommunications Engineering at UPC and getting married to Maria I moved to Paris for a couple of years to grow professionally and see the world from a different perspective.

During the last years of my career I have specialized on eCommerce solutions and Customer Experience technologies. 

Currently I live in Argentona, a small town near my born city, where I can work remotely, relax and enjoy the nature. I love running and I have just finished my third (and probably last) marathon.

I’m happily married, proud father of three (Albert, Laura and Jana) and working for a multinational software company. Yes, working for a global corporation has a lot of advantages (like travelling around the world as part of your job) but I admire all these entrepreneurs taking personal risks to create new ventures and chasing dreams.

I think I’m in a moment of my life where I can still take important decisions that will impact how I will live the rest of my life and change things for better.

“Leave this world a little better than you found it” (said by Boy Scouts’ founder Baden-Powell) that’s why I am into sustainable mobility. I am an electric car driver pioneer owning one of the first full-electric commercial cars in Spain (a first generation Nissan Leaf). I am curious by nature so I like astronomy and anything related to the exploration of our solar system and beyond.

During my week as curator for @catalanvoices I will discuss mainly about my experience at work but I will also share my personal daily stories with all of you, please you are welcome to comment them, I hate monologues.

I am a catalan, a citizen of the world, and I want to make my people’s voice to be heard.


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