Curator #213: Luka Lisjak

Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič

Hey everyone! My name is Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič (@llisjak), and this week I have the honor of tweeting at @CatalanVoices. I’m from Slovenia, but I’ve been living and working in Budapest for a while now. I’m finishing my PhD in Comparative History at the Central European University, where I’ve been also working at an ERC-sponsored project on the history of political thought in East-Central Europe. The first volume of our collective effort was published by Oxford University Press last year, and the second, with my coauthorship, should be out early next year.

I’ve graduated in history and Italian philology from the University in Ljubljana in Slovenia, and continued my studies at the CEU in Budapest. I’m working on intellectual history, nationalism and national identities and the history of political thought. Although my research is focused on Slovenia and former Yugoslavia in the period before and after World War Two, I’ve also been working on broader themes concerning the intellectual history of the wider East-Central European region.

Right now, I am fighting, together with my friends and colleagues at CEU, for the survival of my university, which is under attack by the Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán.

I have also worked as a columnist and commentator for a number of Slovenian media outlets, including, one of the largest in the country. I’ve worked as a translator, and I’m an editor of the quarterly journal on culture and public discussion, called Razpotja (Crossroads).

I’ve been following the developments in Catalonia since around 2005, when I started learning the language. I’m a great fan of Catalan culture, and I’m especially in love with its poetic and intellectual tradition. I’m interested in Catalonia also as a prospective scholar of nationalism and identity conflicts.


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