Curator #209: Dídac Pujol


Hi! My name is Dídac Pujol (@DidacPujol), and this week I will also be tweeting at @CatalanVoices. I have a PhD in English Philology and teach mainly literary translation from English into Catalan at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where I have been working since 1995. I have taught at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, 1992-1994) and at the Universitat de Vic (1994-1997). I am a lexicographer and a literary translator. I have translated, among others, an anthology of James Joyce’s letters (Cartes. Antologia, 2013) and the poetry volume The Haw Lantern by the 1995 Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney (La linterna del espino, 1992).

I am a member of the literary translation and reception research group TRILCAT. I am also a member of the editorial board of the poetry journal Reduccions. Revista de poesia, of the journal Anuari TRILCAT. Estudis de traducció, recepció i literatura catalana contemporània as well as a correspondent for Catalonia at the World Shakespeare Bibliography.

As many university lecturers, apart from teaching I also do research. My main research interest is literary translation from English into Catalan in the 20th century. I have studied, among others, the Catalan translations of authors like William Shakespeare, James Joyce, T.S. Eliot and Dante. Other topics I have researched are the translation of colloquial language and of phonic resources, as well as pedagogical lexicography and literature written in English. I am the author of several books, among them Across the Frontier: A Dialogic Approach to Literary Translation, Poetry, Language and Identity in Contemporary Irish and Scottish Literature (2001) and Traduir Shakespeare. Les reflexions dels traductors Catalans (2007). I have coedited the Manual de traducció anglès-català (2003) and have directed the Easy English Dictionary with a Catalan-English Vocabulary (2004). You will find more information about my publications and about my professional and personal interests on my ORCID profile as well as on my personal webpage.

I am thrilled to be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week, and I hope you enjoy my tweets!


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