Curator #206: Josep L. Larriba


Hi there! My name is Josep Lluís Larriba Pey (@larri64 on twitter). I am 53yo, and I live in Barcelona close to the FC Barcelona stadium with my wife and two sons.

Let me share with you the different aspects of my life that I really enjoy.

First, I am a professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and entrepreneur. I am the director of DAMA-UPC and I founded a spin out of UPC called Sparsity Technologies (@SparsityTech) which deals with the management of data modelled as a graph through our product Sparksee, a graph database. We have other different products which manage data as a graph like CIGO! (a Smart City and Mobility platform) and Qeastsearch (a word expansion Software as a Service). I work with a group of wonderful people who are really involved in the research, development and promotion of our work. I strongly believe in Technology Transfer (TT) and our group is member of CIT-UPC, the TT Center at UPC. I hope I’ll be able to tell you something about us, DAMA-UPC, CIT-UPC and UPC during the week I’ll be with you!

Second, I love my family and I follow my kids (13 and 15yo boys) in their sports. Ferran, the eldest, is an athlete at Centre Esportiu Universitari, and is now starting to compete. Ferran used to like Longboarding but he is now an athletics lover! Carles plays Rugby at Centre Esportiu Universitari and he loves this very nice, tough and honest sport. I follow them as much as I can. Marta, my wife, is a professor at UPC as well, she is into the foundations of Statistics and loves doing research and teaching!

Third, I love history, and in particular, I love Catalan history, a country that has its origins in the X century (when Count Borrell II made the independence of the County of Barcelona and other counties that he governed explicit in 987). The first use of the name Catalunya goes back to the XII century. Catalunya is a land of marine conquests, the homeland of one of the first parliaments in Europe, and a land that is always open to the newcomers, helping them to get integrated to our culture, respecting theirs. I hope to be able to convey some of the achievements of Catalunya along this close to thousand years of history.

Fourth, I love traveling!! The Blog photo tells about all this: the link between technology, traveling, my family and the fact that there are many Catalans around the world. I traveled to Chile in 2014 thanks to a grant from the Chilean Ministry of Research, and I visited the Viu Manent vineyards founded by a Catalan family close to 100 years ago.

I am very happy and honored to be the curator of @CatalanVoices during this week. I will share with you different and varied aspects of my life, work, passions and I hope to be of help and entertainment for all of you.


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