Curator #203: Jordi Jurado


Hey there! My name is Jordi Jurado and I’ll be your curator this week.

I was born in Barcelona city in 1986, but soon moved out to Castelldefels, in the outskirts of the Catalan capital. I grew up there, studied telecommunications engineering and in 2011 I went on Erasmus to France where I stayed one year. Right after that I went to Romania to work, and exactly two years ago, I decided to leave everything behind and start a travel around the world that should take me about six or twelve months.

But as I’m writing this, I have to say that I couldn’t stop. Currently, after having been to more than 20 new countries for me, I find myself non-stop traveling the world while I write a travel blog called ‘Where You Now, Jordi?‘ and while I post my best shots on Instagram.

Last year I also started a new photography project that I’m launching now. It’s called Smile4Us and I share it with my partner, Eugenia, who has been traveling with me most of the time. We started thinking about this project when being in countries way poorer than western ones, we could see people smiling and facing life with much more positivism than we usually do. So we started capturing these moments so everybody could see beautiful smiles coming from all over the world. You can find the galleries here.

Right now I’m back in Europe because three months ago my first niece was born and I definitely had to be here! So lately I’ve been enjoying some quality time with my family and friends, and  I’ve been rediscovering the old continent while, of course, I plan the next trip, which is going to be in the end of this month and I’ll be going to Iran. And, of course, I invite you all to follow the adventure!

This week I will be tweeting about trips both inside and outside of Catalonia, photography and a bit of my daily life.

You will find me not only on my blog and Instagram account, but also on Facebook and Twitter as @whereUnowjordi.


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