Curator #202: Chris Carnie


Hello, and welcome to my week on @CatalanVoices. It’s going to be a typical week in the life of a Scottish fifty-something man living between the countryside and the city, between Catalonia and Scotland, between rain and sun, laughter and tears, work and play.

Here’s the basics; I’m a fifty-something man, born in Glasgow, Scotland. I live in an old Catalan farmhouse – a ‘masia’ – that my partner and I have restored with the help of our friendly builder, with four donkeys, six Ripollesa sheep, dogs, chickens and bees. I work as a consultant and researcher in philanthropy and fundraising, with, the Catalan hospital clown organisation, with, and as a teacher at the University of Barcelona, where I give part of the postgraduate certificate in fundraising (

I write and blog about Catalonia, Scotland and philanthropy. My latest book, “How Philanthropy is Changing in Europe” was published last month by Policy Press ( My blog on farming life is at, and on Scotland and politics at

I’m going to touch on some of the hot topics of the day – including the ironies of being Scottish, in Catalonia, during the Brexit debate – as well as the normal, warm, welcoming world of life here.




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