Curator #200: Marina Falcó


Hi everyone! My name is Marina Falco (@mbfalco) and I will be the Catalan Voices curator for this week.  I currently just moved to the lively and beautiful city of Barcelona after many years abroad. I was born and grew up in the Valles region although my family comes from all over Catalonia, from the fruit fields region of Lleida to the stunning coastline of the Costa Brava. Now, thanks to my husband, I have also added some Britishness to the family!

I have lived in 8 different countries all over the world and amongst many other things I consider myself a Londoner, where I lived for almost a decade and where I directed the Catalan Expat House in the United Kingdom, CatalansUK

As you might imagine my sense of identity is quite mixed up by now! This brought me to have a strong interest about intercultural communications and a real passion for getting people from diverse backgrounds to find common ground and understanding. Currently I make a living mainly in business diplomacy, advising and training international executives on the cultural and communications patterns they should be aware of when travelling or/and working in different countries.

This week I’ll be offering a glimpse of it all! But I will also put a special focus on the intricacies of Catalan culture, topic in which I did my Master’s dissertation at the Birkbeck University of London.

I look forward to reading your opinions and observations on the different topics I’ll bring up this week!


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