Curator #197: Krzysztof Charamsa


I’m Krzysztof Charamsa. I live in Catalonia since one year with my Catalan partner Eduard. I was born in Poland and I’m a gay Catholic priest. I have studied philosophy, theology and bioetics in Poland, Switzerland and Italy. I have worked for 12 years in the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith in Vatican, the former Inquisition. I was the second secretary of the Theologican International Commission. I have teached theology in two pontifical universities: Gregorian and Regina apostolorum in Rome. During that time I have published several books and articles. All that time has been important for me to understand Catholic Church’s homophobia and mature my own dignity as a Catholic gay man, and find the courage to come out. I came out on 3rd October 2015 before the Synod about family as my protest for Catholic discrimination of LGBTIQ persons.

Recently I have published my novel with autobiographical elements “La prima prietra” (Rizzoli, Milano 2016) -The first stone-. The book has been published in Portuguese and other translations in other languages are coming soon.

After liberation of ecclesial homophobia, I have become writer and speaker, activist and thinker in favor of human/person rights, specially LGBTIQ and feminist.

I am on Twitter (@KOCharamsa), Facebook (, LinkedIn ( I invite you to visit my homepage:, where you can find my books, my articles and inteviews, my blog and the way to contact with me.


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