Curator #196: Marc Prat


Greetings to all followers of the Catalan Voices, this week will discuss about challenges, culture and sport.

My name is Marc Prat Garcia (@marcprat22 in social networks) and I am athlete since I was very young. When I learned cycling, I was sure that this would be my sport. This illusion was how I met Trial. I got titles such as Spanish Champion, European Champion and World Champion (Visit my website for more information ).

After competing for many years, I decided to leave the competition in order to finish my university studies. I am currently graduate in Communication and Cultural Master in Communication and Cultural Studies by UDG. This studies give me another view about the society, the culture, and the world in general.

My latest work at the University was to relate my studies of communication with the sport that I love, Trial. I created a documentary called The Story of a challenge ( . This documentary is a story of overcoming and a personal history how I made a dream come true, drive my bike on an emblematic place, more than 25 meters high, the railing of the Besalú bridge. The documentary exposes how I prepared myself and what I had to do to achieve this challenge.

After the success of the first challenge, I got other personal goals such as crossing over the battlements of the Besalú Tower Bridge, or cross the wall of Girona with my bike ( ). All challenges had repercussion in Spanish and Catalan media such as: La Vanguardia, El Punt Avui, Diari de Girona, Girona Notícies, Antena 3, TV3 and several local televisions. ( )

In the future I have in my mind to continue beating me and continue diffusing sport, territory and culture. Especially emblematic places in Catalonia for its nature, culture…

This week the Catalan Voices discuss about the minority sport, sport linked to a territory, spectacular places in Catalonia and some other surprises.

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