Curator #195: Keith Kirwen


Hello Twitter Community! I am delighted to be your @CatalanVoices Curator for this week. I plan to make the most of this experience sharing what I know about Catalonia, The World’s Greatest Place.

I’m a Chicago born man-of-many-hats. At 25 years of age I quit my job as a mountain guide and therapist in the USA, sold everything I owned except my dog, my mountaineering and snowboarding gear. I bought a 1972  Volkswagen camper van with the intention of living in it and spending one winter snowboarding every day in Whistler, Canada.

A series of almost divine circumstances took me, however, to find love, passion, business and adventure in a foreign land; to what I declare to be The World’s Greatest Place, Catalonia.

Since then, I forged my life and family in this spectacular territory of Spain. I have spent these 20 years enjoying my life living in the Val d’Aran of the Pyrenees and spending a lot of time in the Costa Brava and Barcelona. I have always been in awe of Catalonia. Its mountains, sea, cities, culture, architecture, history, language, sports, food and people cease to amaze me.

I am Video StoryTeller at where experience, firsthand, the services, products and tourist options of my clients (businesses and communities) and create video stories from my perspective for their promotion.

At this moment most of my energy and passion is being employed in my next Big Video Story called, The World’s Greatest Place, Catalonia ( @twgpcatalonia

I co-own and operate a small travel agency called specialized in bringing the World to the Val d’Aran, my home.

I also own a successful language school and translation business. Need a translation?!

Hobbies: Travelling, Public Speaking / Speaker in Events, Theater, Trail Running, Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Good Food, Family and my Dogs.



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