Curator #191: Alba Cros


Hello there! I’m Alba Cros (@alba_cros) and I’m a filmmaker and a photographer. I like all that involves creativity, images and visual experiences. That means that I can be ‘catching the light’ of the afternoon getting into my room with an analogue photo camera, converting it into a GIF with my computer and integrating it afterwards in a music video.

I studied Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and I finished my degree co-directing a film with Laura Rius (@laurerius), Laia Alabart (@laia_alabart ) and Marta Verheyen (@MartaVerheyen). The four of us made Les amigues de l’Àgata (@AmiguesAgata). A film that thanks to the effort and interest of Lastor Media (@lastormedia) and Avalon (@Avaloncine) had its premiere in theatre cinemas this last June. It’s been a surprise and a great experience. We’ve been sharing our work with people from all over the world. So this is one of the best gifs we could ever have had.

Since I left my little village Puigverd de Lleida at the age of 18, I’ve been doing a lot of different things. I’ve made music videos for local bands like Renaldo & Clara, Els llums de Colors, LAS VVITCH or Matrimonio. All of them really good friends of mine. I also took photos of people like Javiera Mena or Hug Vilamala and music bands like Doble Pletina and LAS VVITCH.

When I finished university I started to work in a young and powerful company called Homuork (@homuork). I’ve been there for three years now and I’ve lived the experience of seeing a start-up grow up and became a proper company. My job there is to apply all my knowledge of video, design and digital experiences to online education based on the MOOCs. One of the works that I’m more proud of is the course on Gender equality in the workplace, for exemple.

Nowadays I combine all kind of works and projects. One of the last ones, for example, is a collective film in honor to our loved filmmaker Chantal Akerman. You can watch it online in Filmin ( Everyday I’m more and more conscious of the levels of diversity our society still has to achieve, so I’m focusing more into this issues and studies, because I would like to make them visible in my future films and projects.

So this week on @catalanvoices you can expect tweets on cinema, creativity, photography and my daily life through video and images. All of them with my purple glasses of feminism on hoping to share them with all of you!


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