Curator #190: Eva Martín


I’m Eva Martín Fuentes @evamartinf, born and raised in Lleida. I’m assistant professor and researcher on Tourism and Hospitality at University of Lleida @UdL_info.

I have studied on Tourism, on Public Relations and Advertising and a Master on Tourism Management and Strategic Planning. As a graduate student I’m currently finishing my PhD on Engineering and Information Technologies about Tourism and Social Media.

My research interests are on Social Media, Big Data, Hospitality and Tourism; you can know a bit more about my research on Researchgate.

I have over 20 years of experience in different fields, I worked as a tourism manager at the Tourism Board of Diputació of Lleida, as an events organizer (summer university, cultural activities, conferences) in University of Lleida and also I managed cooperation programs with Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war.

I love travelling and have been to Japan, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Israel, and all Europe. I have lived and worked in Germany and in Portugal but my favorite place to live, without any doubt, Lleida.

I am very active on social media, Twitter @evamartinf is my favorite social network, but you can find me also on Facebook, on Instagram @evamartin, on Linkedin or on my blog

But the best I have done in my life is having a baby, Pol (2+ years old), with my life partner @carlesm.

During this week as @catalanvoices curator I will tweet about #tourism, #hospitality, #IT and so on. I do hope you enjoy it and that inspires you to travel and to come to my lovely city #Lleida.

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