Curator #189: Roger Gascon


My name is Roger Gascon (@roger_gascon). I am a lucky person, since my job is my biggest hobby. I work as a music producer, which means I get to make music all day, and even get paid for it! I do my music productions at Cadenza Studio ( in Sants, Barcelona, where I record, arrange, mix and master records, and also write music for advertisements and promotional videos.

I’ve had the honour of recording songs by amazing bands and artists such as Love of Lesbian, Trau, Xarim Aresté, Luthea Salom, Gemma Humet, and producing more than 50 albums of Catalan artists, including Chet, Llorer, Petrus, Bitter and Vol Menor.

I also have my own band, The Lazy Lies (@thelazylies), in which I write songs, sing, play guitar and occasional piano and percussions. We released our first album early this year, featuring 10 songs strongly influenced by 60s artists such as The Kinks, Nancy Sinatra, The Byrds, The Zombies, The Who and many more. You can listen to it on Spotify and on our website:

I also play drums, percussion, guitars, melodica, ukulele and many other tiny instruments live with Canadian-born singer Luthea Salom (@lutheasalom), and drums and percussion with the Catalan five-piece band Chet (@chetbanda).

I am the Art coordinator at ZOOXXI (@ZooXXIproject), an international proposal to restructure zoos as we know them today, so that instead of using animals for human benefit, zoos will become a useful space for animals, especially endangered ones or those in need of help ( ZOOXXI is an initiative of the Associació Animalista Libera and the Franz Weber Foundation, the same people responsible of the “PROU” campaign, which led to banning bullfighting in Catalonia.

As an Art coordinator of ZOOXXI, I have composed and produced the song “No tot és tan bonic com sembla” (which could be translated as “not everything is as beautiful as it looks”), which features great Catalan artists and bands: The ZOOXXI album (a double CD with 27 songs by different artists) will be released on 25 October with a concert at Apolo [2], one of the best venues in Barcelona.

This week on @catalanvoices you can expect tweets on music recordings, the ZOOXXI concert and album, and some inputs on anything that may happen around me during the week.


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