Curator #185: Josep Vidal Alaball


My name is Josep Vidal Alaball (@jvalaball) and I am a Primary Care‪ and Public Health medical doctor working at Institut Català de la Salut (@icscat), the main public primary care provider in Catalonia.

I was born in Berga, a small city north of Barcelona. After finishing my medical education in Barcelona, I decided to train as a family doctor in England. After finishing my training I worked as General Practitioner, researcher and public health physician in Wales.  By the end of 2006, I decided to finish my British adventure and come back to Catalonia.

Since my return, and after a period of 2 years working as rural general practitioner in the Berguedà, I got involved in primary care management until March last year when I went back to full time clinical work. I am now based in Artés, a town of about 5,600 inhabitants near the city on Manresa at the centre of Catalonia. It is an industrial town but also is well known for its agriculture and production of wine.

Not having managerial pressures has given me the time and energy to start a PhD in Telemedicine at the University of Vic (@uvic_news).  I am also an active member of international section of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (@semfyc‪) and I am representing the Society at the WONCA EUROPE network of the European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA) (@EURIPA_EURIPA‪) where I am currently the treasurer.

I will tweet about medicine and public health in general and rural primary care in particular. I would like to give you an approach about how is the daily work of a rural primary care doctor in Catalonia. #primarycare #publichealth #aprimaria

You can find me on twitter and instagram as @jvalaball. I am also curating the instagram account @medicinarural and twitter account @EURIPA_EURIPA‪.

Health is Wealth!



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