Curator #184:David Pallarès


This is David Pallarès (@DavidJPallares) twittering this week as curator at @catalanvoices. I was born and raised up in Barcelona and after some bouncing eventually settled down in Gothenburg (Sweden) where I currently live with my partner and kids.

As associate professor at Chalmers University of Technology, I lead a research group at the Department of Energy and Environment, lecture in courses at different academic levels, and coordinate our master’s programme in the field of Energy. I have a strong devotion for sustainability – a complex concept clearly establishing itself as the new paradigm for humanity.

My research targets the reduction of CO2 emissions and sets its focus in processes for carbon capture and for the efficient and clean conversion of biomass into biofuel, power and/or heat. Collaboration with industrial partners has brought to reality a demo plant which substitutes fossil fuel with biogas enough to fuel 20,000 cars.

While technical research takes most of my work load, I have a special interest in pedagogics as I find successful lecturing to be highly rewarding. The development and application of new pedagogical methods is needed in our classrooms if we want to offer efficient education to our society.

I have always been very fond of travelling and diving into other cultures and societies, rather than sightseeing. In addition, traveling can also provide a currently badly needed perspective on our duties as industrialized and as democratic societies. I am member of Amnesty International and of a local group for the integration of migrants and refugees. I have been interested in politics since I understood the crucial role they play in our lives.

I enjoy being moved by art (who does not?). Music comes first (I play guitar) and literature just right after. Movies make it to the podium too. Street art can definitely make my day.

Expect tweets on Sweden and Catalonia, sustainability, research and art!

Bests /David


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