Curator #183: Anna Vicens


My name is Anna Vicens (@annavicens) and I am a professional sommelier. Nowadays, everybody certainly know about sommelier jobs and business opportunities about this profession, but in 1995, when I began studying for sommelier, I thought it was only someone who worked in a restaurant buying and serving wines.

Today, I work as sommelier in Miquel Alimentacio Grup ( @grupomiquel ), first company in the wholesale food distribution industry in Spain, with more than 90 years of history.

Within the group, Gros Mercat (  a pioneering cash&carry brand with 67 stores in 12 regions, I develop my work as a trainer in wines for staff, as advisor to the purchasing department, as support for sales department, and as co-responsible of our own brand wines.

I also participate, when my work allows me, as a collaborator in tasting panels for press (@cataloniatoday @selectuswines) and different wine competitions or quality labels (@excellentgirona @concoursmondial).

Since last February, I accepted with enthusiasm the position of president of the Catalan Association of sommeliers, with more than 1000 partners (

I take the opportunity it gives me Catalan Voices to ask for your vote to win the 2016 Premi Molla, recognition of a career (

Catalonia is a land with wine history, and sommeliers must approach wine culture to people, using a plain language, explaining about our vineyards, and trying to return the wine as a daily drink in a moderate consumption, responsible and very healthy.

You can also find me in instagram: @anna_vi

For many years, health, love and wine.


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