Curator #182: Xavier Solé



My name is Xavier Solé (@xaviersole) and I am in charge of the Alumni Association at the University of Lleida (@AlumniUdL).

Previously I held several senior management positions in urban & territorial planning, transport & mobility, local government, youth policies and education. You can see my CV and details about my career on LinkedIn.

I grew up and live in western Catalonia, in a small town called Puigverd de Lleida where I was born into a family of farmers 43 years ago. My hometown is close to the city of Lleida (@paerialleida) in the heart of one of the most important regions in the agri-food industry in Europe and the Mediterranean area, the province of Lleida (@GLOBALleida).

Education never ends, Watson” said Sherlock Holmes. As well as a degree in Geography and History from the University of Lleida (@UdL_info), I hold a Master’s Degree in Senior Management from the @eapccat and a Postgraduate Degree in Government and Public Management in the Information Society: E-government from  the @bsm_upf. I have also attended several seminars – on European and local government in Brussels, and on youth policies in the province of Milan, Italy. Before I started my current job, I spent three months in Toronto, Canada, improving my English and recharging my batteries.

I learnt what equal opportunities, entrepreneurship and democracy meant while I was working shoulder to shoulder with legal immigrant workers on my family farm during my summer holidays.

Everyone can learn from being with both ordinary citizens and the wisest and most successful people. For that reason I can say that I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to have had the opportunity to study, share time with and talk to people of a variety of ages, races and situations.

In my free time I love reading, surfing on the net (I think that the Internet is the Alexandria Library of our times), going to the cinema, and hiking, plus I usually travel abroad during my summer holidays. I am a member of several cultural associations and NGOs in my hometown and Catalonia.

This week as @catalanvoices curator I would like to exchange and share with you experiences and opinions about #NationalDayOfCatalonia “La Diada” on the 11th of September, #climatechange #education #IT (Information Technology) #books. I really look forward to sharing this time with you all.


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