Curator #181: Enric Senabre Hidalgo


Hello everyone,

I’m Enric Senabre Hidalgo (@esenabre) I was born in Cerdanyola del Vallès in 1973, very close to Barcelona where I currently live, next to the sea. I’m a researcher at the Dimmons research group (at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the UOC: Open University of Catalonia) and I will be the curator of @catalanvoices this week.

I like street art, science fiction, board games and swimming, and travelling! In recent years I have been very lucky visiting different countries (mainly in Europe, but also Asia or South America) organising workshops and meetings as an active member of the Platoniq collective, co-founder and project manager at the open source crowdfunding platform Goteo. There I specialised in facilitating collaborative knowledge management, learning methodologies and design thinking strategies for civic impact.

My professional life has always been connected one way or another to digital projects. I have been vice-president of the Observatory for CyberSociety, project coordinator at Citilab Cornellà, a Mozilla Foundation grantee and associated professor of software studies at the UOC, where I hold a master’s degree in the information and knowledge society (currently working on a PhD dissertation about collaborative research methodologies).

Apart from tweets about the Commons, science and technology and academic activities, I usually follow and connect to people and projects related to design, urban life, literature and civic issues (as well as cats, of course, and all those funny memes out there) :)


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