Curator #180: Sònia Graupera


My name is Sònia Graupera and I am a freelance travel advisor & journalist based in Mataró. My specialty is relating peak and ultra affluent travel, cultural and gastronomic stories culled from globe-trotting to the world’s most enchanting destinations.

I began  writing the kind of travel guides I would like to read in 2003 and since then I published 55 travel guides online and one travel guide about Barcelona.

I am a social media specialist and I try to create luxury stories for my clients. I am also ambassador for some luxury hotels and destinations.

My twitter is @Graupix and my Instagram @LuxeGraupix

I am a hotel freak and I like to experience all luxury hotels in each city

I also represent internationally Fira Barcelona since 2003. I really enjoy being the representative for such an important institution in our city, really proud about it.

I speak fluently 7 languages (and some more not fluently), and I am sure in my former life I was German and I will be Thai in my future life.

I am from Mataró, located 35kms northern Barcelona on the coast, and I am sure it is one of the best places to live in Catalonia, as it offers all you can need in a beautiful ambience and environment.

I have no hobbies at all, but hotels & spas

If you want to make me happy bring me some Nutella, or Côte d’Or dark chocolate or invite me to a nice Spa.


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