Curator #179: Jordi Prat-Camps


Hi! My name is Jordi Prat (@jpratc) and I’m a Catalan Physicist currently doing research in Innsbruck, Austria. I’m originally from Manresa, and I studied Physics in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (@UAB_info). After that, I spend around 4 years making a PhD in Physics in the Superconductivity Group ( ) of this same university. This was a very intense experience, and actually I learned quite a lot, not only about science. The research we developed during these years was based on controlling and shaping magnetic fields [those responsible to keep magnets stuck to the fridge ;-) ]. More seriously, we made some interesting stuff like a magnetic invisibility cloak or a magnetic wormhole.

Last year I moved to Innsbruck (Austria), to start a posdoc in the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (@iqoqi ). This represents a new and challenging chapter in my research career, since it involves a big change in my research topics. Nevertheless, science is just about this: don’t stop learning!

Apart from science, I love engineering and technology, sports, music and art. I hope we have a nice and interesting week together :-)




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