Curator #170: Marc Serra


My name is Marc and I was born in Granollers in 1989 but 14 years ago I went to live to a small town called El Figaró. I have also lived in Mexico for some months due to professional reasons.

I am a very restless and curious person; besides, I like to spend my free time reading, going out with my friends, taking part in local political affairs, doing sport every week, giving my opinion on Twitter and being informed of the current news about my hobbies.

I studied Political Science at the University of Barcelona and then I made a Master’s degree in local policies.

Nowadays, I’m studying online marketing and social media while I work as the Community Manager of Finestra d’Oportunitat (@finesop on Twitter), a job that I have been performing since 2013. Finestra, of which I am one of the founders, is an online magazine about political analysis where I also regularly write about the current issues. Moreover, I write independent opinion pieces in another media.

I have always been involved in network of associates, specifically in political issues. I have worked in different sectors; those are citizen participation and leisure time organisation.


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