Curator #169: Lorena de Ferrari


Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.



Hello everyone,

I’m Lorena (@lorenadf_) from Chile and I’m a Designer from Diseño UC @DISENO_UC. I did my master degree at ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering @MUDiC_Elisava, and now I’m currently on my first year of PHD at Universitat Pompeu Fabra @univpompeufabra, at the Communication department @DeptCom_UPF.

I’ve been living in Barcelona with my husband, for about four years and I’ve enjoyed every part of it. I love Catalan food (I’m a fuet addict), the sunny (always blue sky) weather and beaches around. It’s a city full of life and packed of things to do (this week: Barcelona design week @BcnDesignWeek). It’s impossible not to fall in love with this city while you walk through it’s streets and contemplate the stunning buildings and design atmosphere. Barcelona exists also on the details; I hope I have the chance to show you some.

As a Designer I like typography, editorial design and brand design. Now for my PHD I’m researching on city branding and their logos. I guess you can say I’m a city logo obsessed. I’ve been collecting logos from all around the world for my research and I have to say: also for pleasure. So additions to the collection are welcome.

Hope you like this week’s topics, also that we can engage on some design conversation and finally I have to say I’m really happy for having the opportunity to be part of this great project @catalanvoices THANK YOU very much.

So… now, follow me, and design you’ll see.




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