Curator #168: Ricard Bellera


My name is Ricard Bellera (@RicardBellera) and I was born in Berlin 50 years ago. There are three ‘Bs’ that have played a special role in my life. Barcelona, were I’ve grown up, Brussels, were I’m working now 4 days a week, and Berlin were I always try to return. I have a Bachelor in philosophy (1989) at @UniBarcelona and a Master in TV and Film Narrative at @UAB_info. I’ve been working in the editing branch and as a journalist in different TVs and Production companies, mainly in intercultural projects. One of my best but also most exhausting experiences was to coordinate the @BTVcat program ‘News in Languages’ producing TV in 20 different languages with an amazing  and very inspiring team. I’ve been also working as a EURES adviser, assessing European mobile workers.

Since 2008 I’m member of the executive committee of the Trade Union CCOO of Catalonia ( @ccoocatalunya. I’m currently International, Migration and Cooperation Secretary. I’m also President of the NGO @PauiSolidaritat, but this is more about helping to fix a strategy in very difficult times and to sign a lot of papers. Since the 13th congress of the European Trade Union Confederation ( @etuc I’m member of the ETUC Executive Committee and participate also at the ETUC Steering Committee. After 7 years as a International Secretary I needed a fresh input and November 2015 I was joining for one year the European Trade Union Institute ( @etui were I’m working from Tuesday to Friday as an Education Officer organizing and performing courses in all Europe.

During the weekend I enjoy Barcelona with my family and try to invest some hours in my blog ( My blog is the place where I try to cultivate my personal reflections, but many weekends I’m very tired and the result is not exactly the one I’m looking for. I’ve also been active in different campaigns during the last years, especially in the catalan campaign to stop ttip @CATnoalTTIP. I love to read and to debate with friends and colleagues about the important challenges we are facing. As I’ve written in my blog, my central intellectual aim is to imagine a sustainable model of society that replaces the risk society and puts an end to the many crisis we are experiencing (social, political, economic, European…).

I’m very happy to be Curator of @Catalanvoices for one week, and even more because during this week (29th May to 4th June) I’ll be travelling between my 3 B’s!


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