Curator #167: Ester Gea-Mallorquí


Hi there!

My name is Ester and I was born in Barcelona in 1985.

After finishing my Chemistry degree in Barcelona (@UniBarcelona) I moved for 3 years to Montreal (@Montreal) for a second degree in Biochemistry at @Concordia University. I went back home to complete a Master in Immunology and started my investigations regarding HIV preventing vaccine (@hospitalclinic). Now I am at my third year of PhD in the Institut Curie (@Institut_Curie) in Paris and doing more basic research on HIV.

While in Barcelona I do human towers (castells) with Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia (@cvg_cat), but since I moved abroad I have less opportunities to participate. However, when I moved to Montreal I was part of the Castellers de Montreal (@CastellersMTL) and now it’s been almost a year we created the Castellers de París (@geperuts). Exporting the Catalan culture and traditions helps others to understand better what we are.

On my free time I love to do handcrafts like sewing and knitting that mostly I learn by myself while I was in Canada (too cold outside!). I like also to cook and to try everything from different places all over the world.

I learned the recipes for traditional Catalan dishes while abroad because it is when you miss it the most!

This week I would like to share with you my interests and how it is my daily life in Paris. We can discuss about science, crafts, culture, the Catalan process, global war, terrorism or whatever twitter brings to us!



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