Curator #164: Pablo Gómez


My name is Pablo Gómez-Domínguez, I was born in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (@turismogc) and I moved to Barcelona (2009) to make my degree in Audiovisual Communication at University of Barcelona (@CAVUB). At this time I live between three fantastic cities, Eivissa (where my couple was born), Gran Canaria (where my family lives) and Barcelona (where I currently work and study).  Moreover, I have a Master Degree on Social Communication by University Pompeu Fabra (@univpompeufabra). Also, I work in UPF and Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (@CCMA_cat – Catalan Public Service Media) as a predoctoral researcher and audience consultant in the Communication Departament (@DeptCom_UPF) and Audience Department of CCMA. Also, I have been a founding member of Media Theory and Media Studies discussion group in UB and nowadays I’m an active partner of Observatori de la Producció Audiovisual (OPA – @OPA_UPF ) where I’m doing a research on Social TV in Catalonia.

I have a special relation with Catalan Country and Catalan Culture since I met my couple.  I was learning Catalan and nowadays I speak and write it every day. I usually read Catalan poetry like the poems of Marià Villangómez or Joan Brossa and Catalan literature like the books of Nuria Cadenes (@ncadenes). My favorite Catalan music groups are La Gossa Sorda (@lagossasorda), SAU, Obrint Pas (@obrintpas), Sopa de Cabra (@sopadecabra), UC, Aires Formenterencs, Manel or Els Pets (@elspetsoficial).

I consider myself as a media multiplatform consumer although TV (also in Internet) takes a big part of my time. Besides this, photography, gastronomy and blogging are my three big hobbies.

This week I want to tell you more about my work in a public media corporation and to discuss about global debates about TV and new media. Also we will talk about other important issues like #panamapapers (@ICIJorg), #brexit and the Catalan process and whatever today news pull in my Twitter timeline (@PabloGD7).

I hope that you enjoy and participate this week around my contributions!


Pablo Gómez


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