Curator #163: Jara Forcadell


Hi there! My name is Jara Forcadell (@JaraForcadell) and I am 26 years old. I was born in Barcelona, but moved to Girona with my family when I was 12. Currently, I am an inbetweener, living in Girona and working in Barcelona.

I am an Industrial Engineer and Master on Smart Cities by the University of Girona, passionate about sustainability, social equality and ecology. Convinced that smart cities have the potential of improving living conditions of urban dwellers worldwide and reduce the environmental cost of cities, I have decided to focus my career on this field.

I work at Doxa Innova & Smart a Barcelona based consulting firm focused on the transformation of private companies and the public sector, developing innovative projects where ICT is a catalyst factor of business and services. Within the company, I work in the Smart Cities Business line specializing in the implementation of programs and solutions to improve urban management and promote the transformation of cities and regions.

I share my views on the twitter account @JaraForcadell and on a personal blog, although I have it quite abandoned lately, more than a year has passed since the last entry!

Besides my work, my greatest passion since I was a child is reading. Also, these past years I’ve been trying to write in my spare time, but I haven’t had much success yet! My other hobbies are travelling, going to the incredible beaches in Costa Brava, and hanging out with friends.

This week as @catalanvoices curator I will share with you insights on my job related to #smartcities and #smartregions, as well as my day to day activities and daily commutes with the high speed train AVE between #Girona and #Barcelona.


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