Curator #162: Heike Keilhofer


My name is Heike Keilhofer (@HeikeKeilhofer), I was born in 1967 in Linz am Rhein (Germany), close to Bonn and Cologne. I live and work in Bonn. In order to complete my Spanish language studies I spent one year in Barcelona (1989-1990). After coming back to Germany I started learning Catalan, too. Since that time, I have one family in Germany and a second „family“ in Barcelona.

I am a board member of the Cologne-Barcelona sister city promotion association (@KoelnBarna) and this give me the opportunity to share and promote events, traditions, intercultural meetings linking these two beautiful cities. As a member of Institució Cultural de Les Corts – ICC (Barcelona district Les Corts culture association) I proposed a cooperation of both associations and since 2011 we work hand in hand, organising intercultural exchanges, concerts and exhibitions. In 2010 I received the Josep Ma. Batista i Roca award.

I work for the Bonn tenant organization (@Mieterbund_Bonn) which has 22,000 members. We advise our members in all kind of matters relating to rented property and help with finding solutions and support in the difficult housing market of our region. I am a member of board of the North Rhine-Westphalia tenant association and I take an active part in the Social Media Team of the umbrella organization, Deutscher Mieterbund in Berlin (@DMBMieterbund), at a national level.

So, what will I show you during this week, as YOUR curator?

I want to tell you a little bit about my work at the tenant organization, the tenant market in Germany and the general challenges we face in the housing market. Moreover, I will also inform you about our #BooksAndRoses activities in Bonn and Cologne planned for my curation week. A group of members of the sister city association will fly to Barcelona for Sant Jordi on April 23rd to experience the spirit of this very special day in Catalonia.

Let me share with you our activities, experiences and the feedback of our members and friends, celebrating together the day of books, love and roses in the partner city.

I am looking forward to your comments!

Viele Grüße,

Eure Heike


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