Curator #160: Jordi Tolrà


How the human beings managed to create the world we now live in? How does the modern world work? And, what kind of future can we make?

Hi, I’m Jordi Tolrà (@jorditolra) and since I was a child I have been curious about all that and many other things. Maybe due to that I studied history at UAB in Barcelona, but later worked as a professional journalist in Radio, TV and newspapers, and finally became a project manager on several institutions and ngo’s to make things happen for a better world and a better society.

At UAB they asked me to create the Fundació Autònoma Solidària, (http://www.uab/fas) from where the university deals with personal attention to students and teachers with special needs, international cooperation and solidarity, and the promotion of voluntary work. “A university-we said- should train not just good scientist and professionals but also, or mainly responsible people and committed citizens”. With the support of all the Campus we also created a project to support victims and refuges of the Balkan wars that later became a project for reconstruction in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosova and Serbia at the end of the wars. I have published a book about that: (

Later on, I had the chance to renovate completely the communication department at Mercats de Barcelona, biggest and largest food market system in Europe and an European association called Emporion by the most relevant food market halls in Europe.

In Intervida, now Educo, I was asked to create a new department devoted to help children at risk of exclusion in Spain (Programa de Cuarto Mundo) and due to that I travelled for more than a year through the most deprived neighbourhoods and rural areas in Spain (From El Hierro in the Canary Island to Huesca and from A Coruña to Eivissa)

For the past 4 years I served at Barcelona’s City Hall as Director of the Social inclusion plan of Barcelona, ( a successful local government initiative made in partnership and shared strategy with more than 500 local social actors and ngos. I also helped at the international level representing Barcelona in Eurocities at the Social Affairs Forum, where we achieved the vice-chair.

One of my best experiences has been participating at the Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 edition as a dreamer. I say something about that here: At Imagine, in San Francisco, a team of four have created and prototyped Vincles, ( a disruptive, innovative solution to fight isolation and loneliness of elder people by helping them creating a collaborative care network. This project has won a 5 million euro award by the Bloomberg Foundation at the Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge.

Right now I’m an independent counsellor and advisor working at Invenies, a company promoting social innovation, I created my on company together with Albert Martinez, from where we are trying to connect, link and produce projects, services and products to incorporate digital technology for social inclusion and social innovation projects.

Social inclusion is the last frontier of digital technology and we want to explore that land to improve welfare and wellness of citizens, especially those at risk of exclusion.

During May 2016 , we’ll be in Barcelona performing an Imagine special edition Imagine mSocial, to let dreamers to create prototypes to answer for social challenges with four digital enabled solutions.

You can follow me also through my blog:


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