Curator #153: Xavi Sabaté

Xavi Sabaté Tibidabo (Small) (2)

Hello there!

My name is Xavier Sabaté (@xavisabate), and I’ve been living in Barcelona since I was born, 37 years ago. I consider myself curious and playful by nature, and I share with EF Schumacher (we also share surname, though in different languages) the love to small things. Talking of small things, I have two kids, a girl of 3 and a boy of barely 8 months. Raising them together with my beloved wife is my main challenge in life right now. A challenge that lives together with a professional challenge that I’ve been facing for more than 13 years already: working as freelance consultant on governance and sustainability. And yet another challenge: moving everyday around Barcelona (and beyond!) by bike!

Fatherhood has taught me lots of things about life in a very short time, and be sure that during the lapse of time I will be curator of @Catalanvoices (the week of February 15th-21st) I will share some of my learnings and discoveries with you.

Regarding my professional challenge, as codirector of Espai TReS and academic director of the Postgraduate Course on Environmental Awareness (IUSC-UB), I try to engage people with their environment. I strongly believe in the power of words to improve the world we live in and this thought gives me strength to carry on my professional career.

Last but not least, I’m an urban cyclist since I was a teenager. I ride a Brompton almost every day to make my way from home to work. When I ride I forget about the kids and the job, and I just enjoy the movement and the passing thoughts that come to my mind. It’s my little daily nirvana, albeit cars and motorcycles try to ruin it at every corner…

I’m happy to be curator #153, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will!


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