Curator #151: Alfons Delgado-Garcia


My name is Alfons Delgado-Garcia (@alfonsdg on Twitter). I was born in Cadiz, Andalusia, 48 years ago. When I was a child I came to Catalonia and now I’m living in Santa Coloma de Farners, la Selva area. I will be your curator of @Catalanvoices from Monday February 1 to Sunday February 7. It’s a pleasure to participate on Catalan Voices.

I am a naturalist and birdwatcher, interested in wildlife tracking and monitoring and the protection of environment. I have participated in the fieldwork and composition of the atlas of the breeding and wintering birds of Catalonia; both are projects of the l’Institut Català d’Ornitologia, @ICOcells. I also have collaborated several times with the Sociedad Española de Ornitologia, @SEO_Birdlife.

My interests go farther and include diverse fields such as as palaeontology (birds are dinosaurs!), drawing and literature. Anyway my main hobby is travelling with my family discovering new landscapes and enjoying outdoors.

I have a blog,, and, here and in my personal twitter account, I will share with you information about birds, nature and activities and projects that are being or will be developed in my town, Santa Coloma de Farners.


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