Curator #150: Irene Navarro


Hi everyone!

My name is Irene Navarro Solé (@Insbcn) and I am 33 years old. I have lived the major part of my life in a coast town near the city of Barcelona, I suppose that makes me a fan of the beach and the sea. Nowadays, I live in Barcelona city, because it is more easy for my job and also, and above all, because I love the activity and the lifestyle that it offers.

I studied Environmental Sciences in Barcelona University, and after, I have worked as an environmental engineer, I decided to change my career. I’m always looking for new challenges! Now, I am freelance and I spend my days working on very interesting projects that involves topics like landscape, urbanism, sustainability, environment and public participation (see my This last item, is one of my professional interests, the way people become aware and make decisions of their local and daily spaces of life, bottom-up processes that are really interesting to me.

I am not alone in my job, because I work as regular collaborator in Espai TReS (, and also I am taking the technical secretariat of the Catalan Society of Spatial Planning ( Furthermore I collaborate with the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia (, and I do an altruistic job as an education bowel in the Professional Association of Environmentalists of Catalonia (COAMB).

I like learning new things, far from my knowledge. I always try to apply innovation to my projects, all the better if it is from a social and responsible approach. I like architecture, photography (I try to do my best on Instagram!), design and ecodesing, even though I am not an expert, but I like it and I can appreciate it. In my free time I like to enjoy the city: visit exhibitions, flea markets, new bars and places; enjoy the nature and the beach, and discover the landscapes of my rich and pretty Catalonia.


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