Curator #148: Sònia Guilana


It’s an exciting time to be an educator.

Society is currently undergoing a revolution and Compulsory Education needs serious rethinking if we want to engage our students.

I began my teaching career in Secondary Education in 1996. It was an early vocation and my students keep inspiring me and to strive for the best. Every one of them is unique and helping them find out what each of them has to offer to society is one of my goals. The English Department in my high school INS Castelló d’Empúries is focused on project-based learning and gave up textbooks some time ago.

In 2005 I started teacher training.  Discussing with teachers how to design 21st century classrooms has been my drive and passion. Digital technologies and active methodologies play a key role to answer the basic questions: What do students need to learn? Why do they need to learn it? How can they best learn it? Twitter has been my staffroom, the daily inspiration for new ideas and deep reflection in #edtech #edchat #pblchat among many others.

Mens Sana in Corpore sana is one of my mottos. I spend some of my free time in a  club  close to Figueres,  in  l’Empordà. You will find me engrossed in Pilates or Body Balance, or maybe chatting in the beautiful coffee lounge facing El Canigó.

Travelling with my family is my other passion. Trekking the world makes me happy and grateful. Enriching one’s soul is a life-time job, isn’t it?

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