Curator #144: Judy Rankin


My name is Judy Rankin and am from Melbourne, Australia. I first began to discover the Catalans while visiting Perpignan in 2014. Being a history lover, I was intrigued to find out more. This led me to move to Barcelona in 2015 to begin writing an historic novel based on the Catalan history.

Classed as an introvert as a child, I always found it easier to express myself through creative pursuits: writing stories, creating music or writing lyrics. It’s not unusual to find myself in a new location and a story or tune begin to evolve.

After many years of writing in private and sharing with no one, 2014 saw the very private recesses unleashed for all to see. My first book, “It’s [Not] All About Liz!“, co-written with three other family members, is the true story of my sister Liz’s cancer journey, told through the eyes of the four family members.

As curator of Catalan Voices, I’d like to share what I’ve discovered (and fallen in love with) about the Catalans: their history, places, and ongoing call for independence.


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