Curator #143: Sophie Martinez

la so pinceau

Hi everyone,
My name is Sophie “Lux Catalunya”, I’m 32 and I live in Paris but I was born in Perpignan and Catalonia represents my roots, my childhood memories, my tastes and my culture. I am passionate Catalan art, art history and wealth. I first made political science studies (Institut d’études politiques de Toulouse) and arriving in Paris I followed courses at the École du Louvre.

More than a year ago, I created the site to share my passion for Catalan art with a French-speaking audience. My main goal is to showcase the richness of historical and contemporary Catalan artistic creation.

I write about well-known artists in order to discuss their work from an original point of view but also emerging artists who question our society through their work. I would like to better recognize the importance of the expression of Catalan artists in historical periods (such as tardogotico for example) and communicate the presence of contemporary Catalan artists at major international art events to participate in their valuation .

I also confess that my articles are often a good excuse to take the train and enjoy a little time in these beautiful cities and landscapes.

I have always remained very close to Catalonia in a personal dimension, emotional, professional and also cultural. I can not stay long in Paris without going on site to see the new exhibits, the work of contemporary art, galleries of windows or just go shopping on the Ramblas … In Catalonia, each city has its charm and fabulous details sometimes hide in small churches or in street corners.

This week I will try to take up a challenge: I will show you that even in Paris there is Catalan art almost everywhere !!!
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Lux Catalunya


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