Curator #142: Susana Pascual

Mallorca Sus by Txell
My name is Susana Pascual García (@susanapascualg) and I am 39 years old. I’ve always lived in Barcelona and I believe that there are two things what are worthy to work for… children and environment.

For that reason… I studied Enviromental Sciences at the “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona” (I’m from the 3rd prom and when we started we didn’t know what kind of job we would specifically do ). In fact, nowadays… I’m the president of the Professional Association of Environmentalists of Catalonia (Col·legi Professional d’Ambientòlegs de Catalunya: COAMB). I’m very lucky because for me it’s an honour and a pleasure to lead the Association together a talented and a magnifique group of people working very hard for the recognition that our profile deserves. But this job as a president is a volunteer work and I have to earn money for living.

Besides this altruistic job, I work at ACEFAT AIE (@Acefat_aie) as a Responsible for continuous improvement and sustainability… I’m very lucky for being working in environmental themes (quality and ethics too) and for the amazing people I work with.

I think that one of the characteristics of the environmentalists are their multiinterest for things… These are some interests of mine besides of environment: children; education; telling stories; learning Neuro-linguistic Programming and Asthrology…  and playing and living one of the most amazings experiences… to be a clown!

I’ve always liked to act… since I was a very little child. I was always singing and playing around!! But the clown is more than that… It’s a therapy for the soul!! As a friend used to say: Clown is a social revolution!!

I love emotions and I hope that my tuits are interesting enough for you… that’s my reason to accept this opportunity of being a curator for this week… to make it count! :)

For all of you I will be the curator of @CatalanVoices from Monday 30rd November (second day of the COP21, they advanced the meeting of the Parts one day) to Sunday 6th of December. I will be twitting about environment and clown, and the little things that arrive to your life… well… to my life… and that I want to share.

I hope you have a good week!! :o)

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